Nachal Chareidi Battalion Chosen Best in Regiment


In a ceremony held last week at the headquarters of the ‘Binyamin’ regional brigade, several Soldiers of the ‘Netzach Yehuda’ Chareidi battalion, who in the recent months neutralized several terror attacks in the area, were awarded certificates of merit. At the same time, the battalion was also chosen the ‘Kfir’ brigade outstanding battalion for the month of January, which was a very busy month in terms of security activity, in light of the ongoing terror outburst.

Soldiers of the battalion, who in the past weeks neutralized several terror attacks in the area, were awarded Certificates of merit during the ceremony, which was held in the presence of the regiment commanders and the soldiers’ families. Amongst the terror attacks that were neutralized, were the 3 vehicle attacks which took place at the check-point near the settlement of Ofra and the terror attack in the Romema neighborhood in Jerusalem, which was neutralized by a soldier of the battalion, in an action which later awarded him with a certificate of appreciation from the Chief of the Jerusalem district police. During the ceremony, Col. Israel Shomer, commander of the ‘Binyamin’ regional regiment, congratulated the troops for their courage and praised their families for raising children who are willing to give their lives for the security and protection of Am Israel.

Further, the battalion received praises as part of an internal report conducted at the ‘Kfir’ brigade headquarters, initiated by the brigade commander Col. Guy Hazut. The report measured the brigade’s battalions according to various operational measurements, throughout a period of several months. In this framework, the ‘Netzach Yehuda’ Chareidi battalion received the highest scores and was chosen the brigade’s outstanding battalion for that month.

For the last several months, the ‘Netzach Yehuda’ Chareidi battalion has been stationed in the sector of northern Binyamin and the settlements of Shiloh, where several terror attacks occurred during the current outburst of terror, including the attacks which took the lives of Dani Gonen and Malachi Rosenfeld at the start of the current outburst. During this time, soldiers of the battalion thwarted and neutralized several vehicle, stabbing and shooting attacks in the area. During the last month of December, soldiers of the battalion thwarted five terror attacks in the area of northern Binyamin, three vehicle attacks and two stabbing attacks. In addition, the soldiers neutralized five more terrorists who were operating under the cover of civilian demonstrations taking place in the area.

This Award of excellence joins the battalion’s impressive list of awards, received in the last several years. Along with the ‘Binyamin’ regional regiment and the ‘Kfir’ brigade awards, the battalion has also received the ‘Chief of staff award’, the ‘Head of Technology and Logistics award’, the ‘Ground forces command Award’ and the ‘Headquarters officer of paratroopers and infantry Award’. Last year, the Battalion’s reserves unit received the ‘President’s award’ as well.

Rabbi Tzvi Klebanow, Co-Founder and President of the Nachal Chareidi Foundation (‘Amutat Netzach Yehuda’), says that “The battalion’s soldiers’ courage and hard work are demonstrated in each sector the battalion is stationed at. Besiyata Dishmaya, soldiers of the battalion are working day and night to maintain the civilian daily life in the sector and I’m glad to see that their hard work is also demonstrated by their success in achieving great accomplishments, receiving praises from the heads of the brigade. We will continue to stand firm in the face of the threats opposing us, while maintaining that path and values of the Torah, which the soldiers keep at all times.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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