Launches First Online Jewish College


naalehNaaleh College is a project of, a Jewish educational website which provides thousands of Torah lectures to over 20,000 members. Students continue learning Torah from the inspiring Torah educators at while earning a College Degree in a variety of majors. Students can choose from a variety of majors and degrees: Business Management (BA),  Computer Information (Associates and BA), Graphic Design (Associates),Judaic Studies (BA) or Judaic Studies Master Torah Route, and Psychology (BA).

Naaleh College is an online college licensed by the Commision for Independent Education of the Florida Department of Education.

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  1. Naaleh College is also an excellent option for Yeshiva graduates who have received a Bahelors of Talmudic Letters (BTL) from their yeshiva, and are interested in continuing their education in graduate school. In order to attend a Master’s program, students with a BTL degree must complete 30 general education credits in addition to their degree from Yeshiva. Naaleh College offers a convenient, affordable way for yeshiva graduates to complete this requirement.

  2. Not quite sure what #1 is talking about. I got a Masters in Accounting after having received a BTL from my Yeshiva. Unless she means to GRADUATE with a Masters one needs an additional 30 credits. That would be more accurate.


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