N.J. Named The Best State In The U.S. To Raise Kids


New Jersey is the newly crowned best place in the U.S. to grow up as a kid.

A new study by Save the Children, an international non-governmental organization, cites the state’s low rates of child violence, malnutrition, adolescent births, high school dropouts and infant mortality as reasons for the top billing. The group uses the five categories as metrics to analyze health, safety and security of children.

The Garden State unseated New Hampshire, which earned the top spot in last year’s study.

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  1. That’s nice but our taxes are ridiculously high thanks to our tax and spend liberal state govt officials. Fact is that people are moving OUT of NJ to avoid the high taxes.

    Instead of our elected officals complaing about NJ and other high taxed states not being allowed to claim the state taxes as a federal deduction. they should look inward and CUT taxes and STOP spending!

  2. i wonder if they realize that lakewood probably has the largest number of children in one place in any state and those children DONT GET IN TROUBLE (!), thereby making the state(?) as a whole a wonderful place to raise children

  3. Well, it’s safe as long as you don’t go to the beach. Then you can expect to get pummeled into the ground by an overweight fat donut eating cop.


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