Mystery Near Detroit: The Windsor Hum


Since 2011, many residents of Windsor, Canada, a city opposite Detroit, are bothered by an intermittent humming noise of unknown origin. Nearby locations are also affected.

Residents compare it to idling diesel engines or distant thunder; some report vibrations and rattling.

Investigators identified a noise of approximately 35Hz and pinpointed it as likely coming from Zug Island, an industrial complex at Detroit’s southern end. But U.S. Steel, owner of furnaces suspected of causing the hum, reportedly refused to cooperate.

Hums are reported worldwide. A website inviting people to send in locations of hums pinpoints hundreds of locations, most in the U.S., Western Europe and southwest Australia.



  1. Wow, this is just great. Now I finally have something to do on Chal Hamoed. I’m sure my kids will be thrilled.

  2. I thought that has to do with underground drilling/building etc just like by borders in north of Israel and by azza, people report hearing these kinds of noises-in Israel it’s because hamas are building tunnels – on the Michigan /Windsor border someone is digging/building something they don’t want everyone to know about.

  3. Definitely a Deep State plot. Probably where they hide all their UFOs, I’m sure the real JFK assassin is holed up in there. That’s where Bush and the Israelis trained for 9/11, and that’s where they make the secret autism ingredient that they put in vaccines.

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