My Personal Duvy Story: A Letter To Bonei Olam



babyThis letter is extremely overdue and should have gotten to you earlier to say two words that mean more than you know; thank you!


I just happened have gotten the Bonei Olam auction book and it reminded me of my personal Duvy story:


During my first pregnancy, I had a liver issue in which the liver enzymes in my body increased, causing a potential danger to both myself and the baby. It almost caused toxic shock in my first pregnancy, and then it reappeared again during my third pregnancy. I subsequently waited four years for my next child.


In my fourth pregnancy I had bloodwork done, and in my fifth month the doctor called to tell me that my bloodwork came back, and did not look good. He said that he would do more bloodwork the following week, and that if it remained at such a high risk level, he might, chas v’shalom have to abort this pregnancy.


My husband and I were frantic. With no medicine available for this, I did not know where to turn. I told my husband: “Listen, I’m calling Bonei Olam, and we’ll give them a donation and ask for a bracha.” And he immediately agreed. I called up bonei Olam and told the receptionist briefly that I was pregnant and having issues, and that I would be giving a donation, but would like a bracha. She obediently gave me a bracha but I can’t imagine what she was thinking at that moment. The next week rolled around and I went for more bloodwork with Bonei Olam on my mind.


Soon after my doctor called with the results, “Hi Rifka, the numbers on the results stayed the same as last week. I’m happy it didn’t go up, but I want you to come in next week for another round of bloodwork.”


Can you imagine the relief that I felt after hearing that?


I called Bonei Olam again, asked for another bracha, and then went for another round of bloodwork. I got the same phone call from the doctor again and then again another three times.

Finally the doctor said that everything seemed fine, and that it appeared my liver was at a standstill. He said he had no idea how it happened, but that everything was okay. He told me he’d do bloodwork again in the ninth month, and then proceed to induce me if necessary.


Baruch Hashem I went into my ninth month and the enzymes were still at the exact the same level. By then my husband and I knew that Hashem was working together with Bonei Olam to pull me through this and create miracles.

Our son Duvid was born a week overdue at close to 9lbs.


He is a beautiful, healthy, smart, adorable little boy and is turning four years old next week.


Seeing your chinese auction booklet made me think of and want to share my amazing Bonei Olam experience and my own personal Duvy story with you. By donating and getting a bracha our Duvy star has joined our family, and your’s too! Please continue doing your amazing work, and holding your flag up high; you can’t even imagine how big your zechus is.


Thank you!

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