MUST WATCH: The Incredible Hashgacha Pratis Story That Saved A Man’s Life



  1. Traditional Orthodox Jews would say feh? Really?
    Traditional Orthodox Jews like those of Project Inspire?
    Traditional Orthodox Jews like those of Discovery and Arachim?
    Traditional Orthodox Jews like those of Lev L’Achim, Yad L’Achim, SHUVU and Project Chazon?
    Traditional Orthodox Jews like those of NCSY?
    This may be a wonderful maaseh. It may even be true. But it is full of hatred, prejudice and an inflated ego.

  2. Anonymous, It’s a joke. It’s not FULL of anything. The jokes lasted maybe 10 seconds. It’s a 16 minute speech. Take the good out of it and chill out.

    • To all those who are justifying the piece on the basis he was simply telling a joke:
      These were NOT jokes. They WERE accusations. They WERE criticisms. They WERE comparisons of good and caring Yidden and bad, intolerant, uncaring, judgmental Yidden. Perhaps he was unaware of these loving selfless individuals, as some posters have suggested. True. That IS possible. But why is that? Are we unaware of CHaBa”D and what they do? Are we unaware of what the Kaliver Rebbe ztzvk”l did to bring back lost souls. What about the Kaliver Rebbe of Williamsburg (may he be granted arichus yomim v’shonim without additional yisurim)? Are we unaware of Yad L’Achim and their efforts to free Jewish women from the clutches and prisons of their Arab “husbands?” Are we unaware of Lev L’Achim, Project Chazon, SHUVU, Aish HaTorah, Ohr Someiach, NCSY, Torah U’Mesorah, etc.? If they are unaware, that is sad. If they are aware and are ignoring the tens of thousands of dedicated Shabbos hosts, Partners in Torah, NCSY Directors, Out-of-town Rebbeim, mini-Kollel families, etc. that is a far greater crime.

  3. To number #1
    Please take a chill pill , He made a JOKE!

    You are 100% correct, The organizations you mentioned and many many yidden go out of their way to help and be M’kareiv their fellow brothers and sisters. (Lubavitch does excel in this area however. I’m not a Lubavitcher, I belong to a different sect, but Let’s be honest)

    Every yids’ reaction should be FEH, and then they must shift gears and seek to help their fellow yid. The Lubavitchers are no different.

    Please listen to the whole thing and let’s learn the POSITIVE lessons. This is more of a STORY about Hashem, and the Emuna Pshutah from a yid, who believed in Hashem and talked to Hashem.

    I wish you all the best!

    • he may be joking. but the joke is based on his lack of knowledge not based on facts. if he would have the facts he wouldnt make such a joke, because it wouldnt be funny at all.

    • I tried to listen, but every time he made a disparaging remark about me and my bretheren, i got more turned off. My parents were mekarev tens of yidden, my grandmother was mekarev yidden in the 40’s and 50’s with potatonik.
      Not the false empty mitzvos with no Torah that Chabad sells.

  4. Did this individual in the story become a complete shomer Torah Umitzvos? Did the delivery men become frum?

  5. A Fan of CHABAD
    Listen up commenters. Chabad was around long long ago bringing Yidden back to their heritage, lighting up their Neshomos bringing them closer to Yiddishkeit – to ה׳ Himself! Peoples, DON’T be jealous. You took a פרט of a פרט and ignored the most surreal, total G-dly orchestrated life story.
    The Rabbi’s intention was 1,000% NOT to belittle other “Kiruv organizations”. Point in tow, Chabad is not into ” Kiruv Rechokim” – no Yid is ever “far” ch”v. We are in essence reminding the Yid, he’s Hashem’s beloved close child! Kol Hakovod!

    • I am sorry, but that is wishful thinking at best, and distortion of facts at worst. He said ALL those others would say “feh” and ignore their brethren. It is also possibly leitznus whic bis brought clearly in a pasuk and discussed thoroughly in many seforim as being the midah of Amaleik and actually the reason why they have no future and no tikun at the end of time.


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