MUST WATCH: Jared Kushner Makes First Public Remarks as Senior Advisor at White House Event




  1. Go Jared. Listening to the country’s inefficiencies makes me upset!!! 8″ floppies?!!!! My computer auto corrected because it didn’t recognize the term. That’s how out of date it is. Y2K compliance. Most people here have no idea what that is. About time all this got fixed!!!!

  2. The politicians never cared to make meaningful changes because these changes happen in data centers, and in tech offices.
    All politicians care about is speaches and good headlines!!!

    That’s why we see china building infrastructures while the US has a hard time making a tunnel from Manhattan to NJ. 2 billion $ just for reviewing the stupid project!

    About time someone do something about it!

  3. Jared & Ivanka: An Embarrassment to Judaism, Sherwin Pomerantz writes that Jared Kushner … BY AVROHOM GORDIMER.

    For the original article:


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