Muslims Petition Nike To Recall Shoe


A Muslim petition to recall the Nike Air Max 270 shoe received 10,000 signatures within two weeks. A logo on the sole based on a stylized representation of the shoe’s name, vaguely resembles All-h in Arabic when turned upside down.

“After recalling trainers in 1997, which had a similar logo depicting the word All-h, Nike claimed to have tighten[ed] scrutiny on logo design. So why has a similar design been approved?” the petition demanded.

At least four thousand signed a similar petition against Marks & Spencer’s Aloe Vera toilet paper with a similar complaint after one sheet creased into folds reminiscent of the Arabic name.



  1. When I first heard this story I thought it was a resemblance of Muhammad written in Arabic, but now this is different..
    I would also join that petition IF it truly resembles the name of G-D in ANY language. I don’t understand why it shouldn’t bother us Jews as well. If it was in English or Hebrew it would be a problem? Than guess what? Arabic is a real language as well and therefore is a problem for everyone if true!

  2. But those are letters that make up a word inside another word. So don’t write the word demigod, dog (g-d in reverse,) ego d_ _ _ _(any word that starts in d,) or a running odometer(g of running + od of odometer.) They all have he letters of g-d in English!!!

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