Museum of Tolerance New York Launches Program to Create Dialogue Between Black and Jewish Teens


museum-of-tolerance-nyTomorrow,  the Museum of Tolerance New York (MOTNY) will launch its Breaking BAD: Breaking Boundaries Through Awareness and Dialogue pilot program to create dialogue between Black and Jewish teens. The Breaking BAD launch is part of the MOTNY’s larger mission to bring together members of the Black and Jewish communities to foster dialogue and understanding.

Tomorrow at 12:15 PM the Museum of Tolerance New York (MOTNY) will launch its Breaking BAD pilot program between Cairo High School of Cairo, Georgia and Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School of Livingston, New Jersey. The pilot program will be launched with the first of 2 videoconferences on site at the MOTNY between the two schools.

Breaking BAD is the most recent youth educational program created at the MOTNY. This project connects two schools vastly different in their demographics and will facilitate dialogue to help break down stereotypes and prejudice. One class of students from each school will communicate with one another throughout the semester on issues related to tolerance, human rights, human trafficking, and bullying prevention. The dialogue between the students will be based on the MOTNY’s exhibits and resources.

Throughout the semester, the students will communicate with one another on specified topics through Edmodo, a virtual social learning platform for teachers and students. The semester-long program will culminate in projects created by both schools that reflect the work, conversations, and personal growth of the students throughout the process. Each school will create one project that contributes to its campus or broader community that raises awareness and prompts social action.
The Breaking BAD pilot program will be held at 12:15 PM at the MOTNY, located at 226 E. 42nd Street between 3rd and 2nd Avenues.

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