Murder in the Big Apple: More NYC Abortions Than Live Births for Blacks in 2012


babyNew York City’s non-Hispanic black women had more abortions than live births in 2012, Health Department figures show.

According to the statistics from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 52.6 percent of pregnancies in non-Hispanic black women were aborted in 2012.

The city’s figures log 31,328 “induced terminations” or abortions, 3,446 “spontaneous terminations,” and 24,758 live births among non-Hispanic black women that year.

With 73,815 total abortions in New York City that year, the number among non-Hispanic blacks represents 42.4 percent, CNS News reported Friday.

The citywide total of abortions was 37 percent of the 197,046 pregnancies reported in 2012, the figures show.

Among Hispanic women, there were 22,917 abortions in 2012, or 31 percent of the total citywide. Non-Hispanic white women had 9,704 abortions, and Asian and Pacific Islander women had 4,493, the data shows.

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  1. How many post-partem “home abortions?”I’m How many within the first trimester of life? How many unreported home births?

  2. This unwarranted murder is a terrible terrible Chillul Hashem regardless of the race or ethnicity of the perpetrator! How can we live in this Country where G-d’s children are being slaughtered for no purpose other than selfishness! Why doesnt anyone care about G-d’s honor anymore?! Our “elected” officials who allow this tragedy to continue should be thrown out of office!

  3. one of the so called “Black leader” who spoke out about the downward trend of the Black Family was ridiculed in the media

    that was Bill Cosby
    “Come on People”!!!


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