Mumbai Survivor Moishy Holzberg Celebrates 10th Birthday


Moishy Holzberg, whose parents were murdered in a Mumbai terrorist attack eight years ago, recently celebrated his tenth birthday with his maternal grandparents, Rav Shimon and Yehudis Rosenberg.

The celebration included Moishy’s annual visit to his parents’ kever.

“Last year, at Har Hazeisim, when we were reading Tehillim, he ran away and I didn’t follow him,” his grandfather recalled. “He stood by the fence, watching the scenery, and I realized that he wanted to escape from reality. I only called him when it was time to say Kaddish. This year, when I began preparing for the yahrtzeit with him, Moishy suggested that we daven with a minyan at 5:30 in the morning because at our regular minyan at 7:00 in the morning there are too many people and too many eyes.”

At bedtime each night, Moishy looks with his grandmother at a photo of his parents hanging above his bed and says together with her: “Good night Abba, good night Ima.”

{CB News}



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