Mufti Issues ‘Fatwa’ Forbidding Muslims to Sell Land to Jews


Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the Palestinian mufti of Jerusalem, issued an edict on Tuesday calling the “land of Palestine” an inalienable religious endowment forbidden to be sold to “the enemies” under the pain of being labeled an infidel and traitor.

The fatwa bans Muslims from “facilitating the transfer of ownership of any part of Jerusalem or the land of Palestine to the enemies.”

It warns that anyone found to have sold, bestowed ownership or even facilitated the transfer of ownership to non-Muslims will be considered a heretic, nonbeliever and traitor to God, Islam and homeland.

The decree further states that good Muslims should refuse to marry, attend the funeral of, allow to be buried in a Muslim cemetery or do business with any Muslim who performs the forbidden, ownership-related acts in contravention of the fatwa.





  1. The sickening thing is that the Supreme Court of Israel is abiding by these Mufti laws and force Jews to return land bought back from the Muslims. As long as those self-appointed pro-Arab judges are not removed Israel will continue to suffer.

  2. Listen to the crickets. No one accusing moofti of racism, and no Judenrat courts throwing a book at him. If a Jew dared to publicly announce something like that, the Israeli elites would have lynched him.


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