Mufti: Everyone Capable Must Strike at America and the Jews


sheikh-nader-tamimiSheikh Nader Tamimi, mufti of the Jordan-based Palestine Liberation Army, has stated: “My brother, our God said, ‘Kill them where you find them’….All the Muslim people must attack the common enemy. America is against us all. America must realize this. I issue a religious ruling now, and I am a mufti. I say: The clerics have decided, in consensus, that when the enemy conquers Muslim land, or takes a Muslim prisoner, the Jihad becomes a personal commandment for every Muslim man and woman, to the point where it is permitted for a woman to leave her home [to wage Jihad] without her husband’s permission, and for a child without his father’s permission. Everyone joins in the battle.”

The “peace loving” Tamimi added:

“Now the people of Palestine are not capable [of doing this] alone, and therefore every Muslim on the face of the earth, if he does not fight the Jihad, let us see what happens to him according to Islamic law: His fate is that he will not enter Paradise….Oh my brothers, from Jakarta to Tangier, listen: By Allah, if you do not wage Jihad in accordance with your abilities, you will not enter Paradise even if you fast and pray. Anyone who finds an enemy target anywhere must strike at it, he must strike at it everywhere.”

Peace partners, huh?

{Yair Israel/Memri}


  1. In the interest of accuracy I think that it should be pointed out that these quotes are from an interview he gave Al-Jazeera TV more than 11 years ago (October 20, 2000).

    The new quotes on the MEMRI page (from last week – Dec 15, 2011) relate to Syria.

    [See for yourself on the MEMRI page linked in the article above.]

  2. And just how is he striking at the US?
    He sits on his chair in Jordan and tells others to fight.

    No paradise or 72 anythings for this idiot.


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