Mueller Hires More Prosecutors In Russia Probe


Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly hiring additional prosecutors to work on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Several current and former U.S. officials said Mueller is adding prosecutors from U.S. attorney’s offices and the Justice Department headquarters, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

Officials added that this could be a sign that Mueller is prepared to step away from the probe and leave it in the hands of a larger team of prosecutors, officials said.


Read more at The Hill.




    • No way would they investigate the holy cow and her gangsters.
      In the meantime, the Clinton Body Count is growing and the Devil is roaming freely. FBI Special Agent David Raynor & his Wife who were scheduled to testify against Hillary and Obama this week, were just found suicided.

  1. Mueller wants to help Trump achieve total employment. Democratic hatchet men have a home in his group, paid for by us.


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