Mueller Asks Witnesses To Hand Over Their Personal Phones


Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has asked witnesses in its probe to turn over their personal phones for examination of encrypted messaging apps, CNBC reported Thursday.

Sources told the news outlet that Mueller’s team has been interested in conversations that took place among Trump associates on WhatsApp, Confide, Signal and Dust, which allow users to communicate using encryption.

At least some witnesses have reportedly already complied with the request.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Interesting. But yet the FBI told us they couldn’t access the terrorists cellphones in the San Bernardino massacre because they didn’t have their code! So who is lying?

    • Hillary, with her good experience, should show them how it’s done with a hammer and bleach.

  2. Do a Hillary, put it in bleach, freeze them, and then take a hammer and smash them and then give it to Mueller and a nice clean envelop and say oops I am sorry the phone accidentally broke. ( and oh yes take out the little card inside it because when it broke the message card fell out and is lost). It worked before so this technique can work again.


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