Much Ado About Nothing: Suspicious Item at BMG Turns Out to Be Innocuous


A suspicious item at the main campus of Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, turned out to be nothing of concern at all.

The item was first identified this morning not far from the entrance of the Israel Henry Beren Hall, which is connected to the main building of the yeshiva, otherwise known as the Adolph and Ethel Beren Building.

The suspicious item was found near a display of Chanukah items for sale. The display contains menorahs, wicks, oil and other paraphernalia for Chanukah.

The item was spotted during Shacharis time at the yeshiva, outside the coffee room adjacent to the Israel Henry Beren Hall dining room.

Police and security units were called and, while briefly closing the campus, located between Sixth and Seventh Streets, they swiftly proclaimed the item to be harmless.



  1. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on this late breaking story. I was mamesh oif shbilges waiting to hear if everything was alright. I was fasting and saying tehillim non stop. I even sent $180 check to Vaad Ha’ir for whatever the latest segula is in order that BMG should have a shemira. Now I can finally breath easier and get get back to solving the terrible pressing age-gap shidduch crises.

  2. to Paranoid: Sarcasm is not called for. Boruch H’ that it was nothing. You can never be too careful. Some bad people may have planted it as a test to see if it is a good place, etc. If the police were called, there was probably a good suspicion that it was something. We are very happy that it was nothing.


  3. I’m quite upset about the heading “much ado…” is this what you call much ado? its just responsible thing to do.


    (You dont have to wait until something C”V happens to start keeping your eyes open.)

  4. One day Matzav is posting about not ignoring people who look like drunks sleeping on the floor. The a few days later they are calling suspicious packages much “ado about nothing”. I know it is very unlikely the package contained anything dangerous but that is because people don’t ignore them. If these packages were routinely ignored I wouldn’t be so sure anymore.


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