Mubarak Returns to Court


mubarakFormer Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak returned to court today, the same day that three leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood faced separate charges of conspiring to kill protesters.

Mubarak, who was released just three days ago and put under house arrest, is facing a retrial in charges that he ordered police to fire on protesters in Cairo during the 2011 uprising. Mubarak, who was flown in on a helicopter from a military hospital, was wheeled into court, where he sat in a security cage along with his two sons, his former military chief, and six security officers.

Meanwhile, earlier today in a separate high-profile case, three leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, Rashad al-Bayoumi, and Khairat el-Shatar, were charged with authorizing the killing of nine protesters outside the Brotherhood’s headquarters on the night of June 30. Read more at Al Jazeera America.

{Andy Newscenter}



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