MTA To Remove Trash Bins At Subway Stations As Part Of Pilot Program


subway-israelThe Metropolitan Transportation Authority is expanding a pilot program to remove trash cans from subway stations.

The agency says eight more stations – two each in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens – will become trash can free on Sept. 2.

It has been testing the plan at two stations: Flushing-Main Street and Eighth Street in Manhattan.

The MTA said it’s trying to reduce the subway rodent population and the amount of refuse pick-up in the stations.

It said it has more trash than it can handle at its 468 subway stations. According to the MTA, crews remove 14,000 tons of trash from the subway annually.

The agency said since removing bins from Flushing-Main Street and Eighth Street last fall, the number of trash bags has been reduced by 67 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

It also said overall cleanliness has improved and there has been no increase in track fires.

The eight additional stations to become trash can free are:


  • 238th Street 1 station
  • East 143rd Street 6 station


  • 57th Street F station
  • Rector Street 1 station


  • 7th Avenue FG station
  • Brighton Beach Q station


  • 111th Street A station
  • 65th Street MR station

The MTA is asking riders at the 10 stations to be part of the solution by taking their trash out with them.

Source: CBS LOCAL 2

{ Newscenter}


  1. Yes, Ben-Azai, but London Transport removed trash bins for reasons of safety and security so that the bins could not be used as receptacles for bombs, rather than the MTA dropping the bins purely to “save money”.

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