MTA Misspells ‘Broadway’ In Brooklyn Subway Station


boradwayWhen you’re riding the rails on the G line in Brooklyn, there’s a stop along the way that New Yorkers like to call “Broadway.” The problem is that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority doesn’t seem to agree. They’ve actually misspelled one of the most iconic street names in these United States, calling it “Brodaway” instead. The grotesque error was spotted inside the Queens-bound G train tunnel in Williamsburg.It’s unclear whether the spelling mistake was done by accident or was simply an act of vandalism. MTA officials aren’t speculating, but they are looking into it. An NYC Transit spokesperson said the agency would dispatch someone to “check out” the error.

With the MTA moving toward implementing a massive fare hike in order to plug a budget gap that they say has worsened by the global financial crisis, one could only hope some of that money will go toward spelling courses for the agency’s hundreds of employees.

{WPIX-TV/ Newscenter}


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