MTA Board Approves 2012 Budget: No Service Cuts Or Fare Hikes


mta-subwayThe Metropolitan Transportation Authority board passed its spending and revenue blueprint for 2012, calling the budget “fragile.”

But there is some good news. MTA chief Joseph Lhota says there is no contemplation of any service cuts or fare increases in the upcoming year.

Lhota added that he does not expect to have any service cuts during his tenure.

There is still a regular fare hike plan in the works and the Straphangers Campaign‘s Gene Russianoff doesn’t like it one bit.

“We did some back of the envelope calculations and if they raise the fare every two years for the next five years, which is what they’re planning to do, the 30 day Metrocard pass would be $167,” said Russianoff.

Russianoff calls that a lot of money for less service.

{Noam Newscenter with reporting by WCBS 880 Radio}


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