MTA Begins To Remove Useless Verrazano Tollbooths


verrazano-bridge-toll-boothsUseless tollbooths that have done nothing but gum up the Staten Island approach to the Verrazano Bridge for nearly a quarter-century are currently being torn down. Brooklyn-bound drivers have not paid a toll since 20 years ago when the MTA simply doubled the Staten Island-bound fee, but the empty booths have stuck around — and frustrated drivers heading off the island.This past week marked the start of the long-awaited renovation project by the MTA to remove unused toll booths from the Verrazano Bridge. The $2.5 million, year-long project will see the demolition of eight east-bound toll booths on the Staten Island approach to the bridge that have not been used since one-way tolling was mandated by Congress in 1986.

The removal of the booths will mark a big change for the bridge, which turned 45 last fall: “The removal of these toll booths is the most significant change in the physical design of the bridge since the lower level was opened to traffic in 1969,” said MTA Acting Bridges and Tunnels President James Ferrara. The booths will be replaced two at a time, and there will also be other improvements to the bridge, such as removing concrete islands, utilities, canopy structures, electronic signs, as well as concrete and asphalt restoration.

{NY Post/Noam Newscenter}


  1. 2.5 Million over a year!? Get a couple of illegal Mexicans, they’ll have it down by next week for a buck fifty!

  2. And then the contractor who hired the Mexican illegals will get arrested and we will scream anti-semitism…

    Can’t we ever learn?

  3. 2.5 million dollars?! Who is going to pay for it? How come, we the people, never had a say in the matter? They – the politicians- have never


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