Mrs. Dunoff’s “My Chessed a Day” Books


By Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Yeshiva Ateres Shimon’s Daily Chesed, [email protected]

Just a few short weeks ago there was a terrible tragedy in the city of Philadelphia.  A young frum doctor in his fifties, his name was Dr. Aryeh Leib Dunoff, he was an optometrist, I knew him well, I know the family.  He, nebach, passed away suddenly from a heart attack.
Now, his wife, Mrs. Dale Dunoff, did a most incredible thing.

In order to do something l’zecher nishmaso, to do something for the memory and for the uplifting of his neshama, she went to a dollar store and bought a whole bunch of journals.  Each one cost probably a dollar.  Then she had them decorated with colorful bands and tape.  And  she wrote on it, each one, My Chessed a Day book, and she gave it out to the children in her class where she teaches and she’s giving it out now to all her grandchildren.  And inside she had a little label printed, “This chessed book  is dedicated in memory of Dr. Lance Dunoff, Aryeh Leib Baruch ben Mordechai.

What a beautiful, magnificent thing to do l’zecher nishmas someone.  Like this, every single day the children in her class and her grandchildren who do a chessed will remember the neshama of Aryeh Leib Baruch ben Mordechai.  Doing a chessed a day, especially in this way, not only enhances those people who are the recipients of chessed, but it also enhances the neshama of Aryeh Leib Boruch ben Mordechai.  He was a wonderful person.  Everybody who knew him in Philadelphia liked him and respected him.  I had the zchus to sleep in their home when I was staying for shabbos in Philadelphia, but now that we will be using this chessed book, I will be thinking of him every single day and so will his grandchildren and the students in Mrs. Dunoff’s class.

If you have to do something l’zecher nishmas someone, that is such a beautiful way that this person can be remembered every single day.

Again, it will enhance the life of others, but it will enhance your life as well.  Have a great day and we should only hear simchas.



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