Mr. Menachem z”l Mourned at Funeral


jewelry-shootingThe NY Daily News reports: The Manhattan jeweler gunned down by a brazen robber was remembered Friday as a generous family man. Henry (Hank) Menachem was also a cancer survivor and “a personof dignity,” Rabbi Shlomo Diamond said at his funeral.

But first and foremost, Menachem was a devoted husband and partner to his widow, Joyce, said Diamond.

Menachem, 71, was murdered Wednesday when a masked gunman barged into R.S. Durant on Madison Ave. and demanded they turn over the jewels.

Cops still haven’t caught the killer, who fled with a load of jewelry and stopped to ditch a Faberge-style jeweled egg in the trash.

While Menachem’s widow and three daughters looked on, Diamond told the 150 relatives and friends at a Jewish chapel in Ocean, N.J. that the jeweler was a “person that was larger than life.”

“He treated everyone, really, like a king,” the rabbi said. Menachem’s son-in-law, Ralph Mosery, said he knew the kindly man behind the gruff exterior – a man who who loved musicals and directed many of the local Jewish community’s theatrical productions.

“Although he always liked to portray himself as a tough guy, he really had a kind, boy-scouted heart,” he said.

Mosery also described Menachem as “a fighter in every sense of the word. “Only five years ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, the doctor told me privately that he had but months to live,” he said.

But Menachem beat the odds, said Mosery.

Another son-in-law, Irwin Cohen, recalled how Menachem’s business tanked shortly before their wedding.
“He had to borrow the money to make us a beautiful wedding, and for that Lisa and I will always be grateful,” he said, choking up.

Cohen said Menachem took in the newlyweds when they were struggling and insisted he loved having them at home. “We thought it would be a burden, he said it was the best time of his life,” he said.

Menachem was expected to be buried later at a Staten Island cemetery.

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  1. Dearest ‘Hank’ will be missed by all who knew and loved him. He was a friend to the fullest,
    a most honorable gentleman. We wish his family long lives free from other sorrows.
    With love.


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