Tonight: Motzoei Shabbos Teleconference on Mechila for Bein Odom l’Chaveiro


mechila conferenceTonight, the first night of Selichos, at 10:30 p.m. EST, Klal Yisroel will have the opportune moment for entering the Yomim Noraim on the best possible footing. On the Chofetz Chaim‘s yahrtzeit, the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s nationwide teleconference with Rav Yitzchok Berkowitz will provide clarity and guidance on the sensitive issues of seeking mechilah for transgressions against others – aveiros bein odom l’chaveiro.

These include the areas of lashon hora, ona’as devarim, rechilus, monetary damages and transgressions done so long ago that the victim may be difficult or impossible to find.

Gaining forgiveness in these areas is an essential preparation for entering into the Yomim Noraim and praying to Hashem for forgiveness and a good year. That is because, if a person wants Hashem’s forgiveness for a sin against another person, he must first seek forgiveness from the one he has wronged. It is a well-known principle in teshuvah that without this forgiveness, not even Yom Kippur has the power to wipe the slate clean.

Despite the truly crucial importance of seeking mechila, however, most people have only the vaguest notion of what they are required to do. How far must they go? How hard must they try? What if they are not even wrong, but someone has been hurt by their words or actions anyway?

Rav Berkowitz will address these and many other questions that arise within the complicated web of human relations. He is uniquely qualified in this sensitive area of Jewish thought through his position as Rosh Kollel of Linas HaTzedek: The Center for Jewish Values, a network of evening kollelim in Israel and the United States dedicated to the study of mitzvos bein adam l’chaveiro. He is also a world-renowned posek on hilchos Shmiras Haloshon and co-author of The Chofetz Chaim: A Lesson a Day.

Rav Berkowitz’s teleconference will address three main issues in the concept of mechila:

-Does one have to ask for mechila if he feels that he is right?

-How far must one go to find someone from whom forgiveness should be sought?

-What are the halachos of having an agent ask for mechila on someone else’s behalf?

A special Yiddish segment will feature Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz from Yerushalayim on the guaranteed way to be zoche b’din.

The event can be accessed by calling 646-519-5860  or 212-461-5860 and then entering access number 1030#.

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