Mother Of Hiking Victim: They Promised Everything Would Be Okay


The mother of Ella Or, Sarit, spoke today at the levaya of her daughter who was killed in yesterday’s hiking accident and called out the school for its empty reassurances regarding the dangers involved in the hiike.

“They promised that everything would be okay and secure. But nothing is okay,” she says during the funeral at the Mishor Adumim cemetery.

“You sent me a picture in the morning in the tent and wrote to me not to worry. I asked you not to put too much weight on your back. You haven’t answered me since,” the mother says.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. BD”E. Arguably nothing more tragic, shocking, and disorienting than a child passing during a parent’s lifetime. המקום ינחם אתכם. . .

    But the reporting of this awfully painful event gives me the opportunity to make a request of the editors. Let us, Torah thinking and Torah focused Jews, not refer to these events as accidents. They are not accidents. Perhaps they fulfill the ongoing history of Klall Yisroel of בקרובי אקדש. Perhaps they are something else. But they are not accidents. They are not מקרה. Calling them such, desensitizes us all to the presence of HKB”H in every aspect of our lives.

  2. Of course everything comes from Hashem, which students survived and which didnt, is obvious that each was chosen, but with all due respect, this is human error, this was not a trip that should have been taken when they were well aware of the dangers involved. They reassured the students and the parents, with empty reassurances.

  3. @anonymous – “this is human error” Perhaps. Perhaps even negligence. But not an “accident.” That was my only point and request.


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