Mother Of Drowned Ashdod Baby Declared Unfit For Trial After Claiming “The Shechina” Commanded Her To Do It


The mother of the child who drowned in a jacuzzi in Ashdod over Pesach has confessed to intentionally holding her son under water.

According to investigators, as reported by Arutz Sheva, the mother, who was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial last week, admitted to police that she had intentionally held her baby under water, recanting her prior claim that the baby had slipped from her arms and drowned.

Police said the mother claimed that she had been commanded “by a revelation of the Shechina” to hold her son underwater in the hot tub.

The woman told investigators that she had submerged the one-month-old child three times, then placed him back underwater, hoping that he would emerge again on his own, saying that the boy was the “son of Moshiach”.

The confession validates the investigation held by Israeli authorities, whose decision to have the toddler undergo an autopsy sparked protests all across Israel.



  1. A meshugana is a Mesugana. However Autopsi is ossur under Torah law! The Zionist entity has to accept that at least with the observant community.

  2. For doing what had to be done to bring justice for the murdered child.

    Despite the whackos screaming and carrying on about their performing their vital work.

    הכרת הטוב

  3. They did not need to do a full autopsy. They could have used a virtual autopsy which uses sophisticated scanning techniques to view the body’s internal structures.
    I find it reprehensible that maintaining the sanctity of the human body and adherence to halacha are respected more by the goyishe authorities in chutz la’aretz than they are by the Jews in the “Jewish” State.

  4. On what basis are saying that authorities in Chutz La’aretz are more respectful of the sanctity of the human body and adherence to halacha. I think the opposite is the case

  5. In Chutz Laaretz there would have been a full Autopsy in a case like this. Here in UK definitely.
    There is an old joke about the President of Israel being the President over 2 million presidents. However its not that funny.
    Is everyone in Israel a Rov/Dayan who paskens on everything that happens. And then protests if someone else thinks differently.
    A sensitive case like this should go to a central Rabbinic Authority and their decision should be confidentially given and everyone else should go learn or say some Tehilim.

  6. You guys are too young to remember in the 60s and 70s when the atheistic israeli government was cutting up every Jew that died in the hospital. There were protests all over organized by the satmar Rebbe rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum. The famous World War Two american army Luitenant Birnbaum snuck out pictures of cut up bodies of Orthodox Jews. These pictures were plastered all over manhattan. The government is far worse. They spend millions of dollars on Toeiva parades in every major Israeli city. You wonder why Iran is knocking on Israel’s doors.

    • You said it perfectly +1.

      Not only that. It was a known fact that those Israeli doctors (in the 70’s) who were performing those autopsies, were involved in cannibalism as well! Netuach masim. When there is no Torah, it becomes grotesque. Israeli doctors can not be trusted. Why do you think their citizens who are nebach very sick, ALWAYS COME TO AMERICA FOR MEDICAL CARE?! Why did Rav Eliyashuv ZT”L have an AMERICAN doctor flown in to treat him?!

  7. No one knows if this is or isn’t completely true. We also don’t know what type of “confession” this was afte being interrogated for 12 hours straight. Maybe this is true maybe not, even if it is doesnt mean the Tzionim didnt have an evil agenda here

  8. Question: this lady’s husband, parents, siblings, rabbi, neighbours, never noticed she was troubled? Why was she alone with a defenseless month-old baby?

  9. Sadly, i am aware of a case where they was a chashash of a murder, and one of the Gedolei Haposkim said that in such a case a autopsy may be warranted.


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