Mother Of Captured Soldier: ‘I Don’t Have Much Time Left, I Want To Know Where My Son Is’


Zehava Shaul, the mother of soldier Oron Shaul, whose body has been held by the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza since Operation Protective Edge in 2014, has been coping with cancer for several years.

“I do not have much time left,” Shaul said in an interview with Yedioth Ahronot. “I want Oron, my son, to be with me. Alive, wounded, and if he is dead I want him to have a proper burial.”

Oron, a combat soldier in the 13th Battalion of the Golani Brigade, was killed on July 20, 2014, in a battle in the Saja’iya neighborhood of Gaza. During the battle, an anti-tank missile was fired at the armored personnel carrier in which Oron was sitting, killing him and five other soldiers. Following the battle, Oron’s body was seized by Hamas terrorists.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. You want Palis with blood on their hands to be freed for the bones of your son.
    They will kill more children & making more graves, so you can have your own grave.
    Think of all the Kedoshim in the Holocaust who don’t have a grave.
    You are a smart woman.
    My parents had no grave to visit either.

  2. the ONLY reason this jewish boy was killed was because Bibi wanted to avoid “civilian” casualities in Gaza to appease Obama, Bibi doesn’t care unless he makes money. Reb Elchonon Wasserman ztl called Zionists Amalekim. this is proof of this.

    • You are gifted.
      You are able to turn every calamity into an anti-zionist argument.
      Keep up your good work.
      Are you still living rent free in your mom’s basement?

  3. We may not know where the body of Oren Shaul, a young man who lost his life defending acheinu bais yisroel, is.
    But his neshoma is surely in Gan Eden, eternally.
    And his memory and his sacrifice are in our hearts, eternally.


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