From Regular Woman, To Blind & Paralyzed



Though the Adler family has six children, their home is not filled with the typical lighthearted sounds of playing. The kids have learned to keep the space quiet, so that their mother Gittel can rest.

Gittel Adler was a ‘normal’ mom until a cancerous brain tumor took over her life. Today she is blind, and paralyzed from the neck down. Her days consist entirely of treatments and therapies.

Husband Yisrael works to support the family, but has lost most of his business as a tefilin maker since tending to his wife’s medical needs. Now, they have reached the point they feared most: They can no longer afford Gittel’s treatments.

A dark veil of fear has fallen over the family, from the parents to the youngest, just 8-years-old. Though the future appears grim, there may be hope for them yet: An emergency fund has been opened on their behalf, with the goal of paying for Gittel’s treatments and covering the family’s basic necessities. Donations have already begun to come in from strangers around the world moved by the family’s touching story.



  1. We now know that her first name is “Gittel”; what is her full name? What is her mother’s name? Could someone PLEASE post this information here so that we can properly be Mispalell for her to have a Refula Shelaima and for her — and her whole family — to have a full Yeshuas Hashem Bekarov Mamash.


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