Moshe Stander of Boynton Beach, FL, Chosen As “Mashgiach of the Year”


m-standerKashrus Magazine, the Brooklyn-based periodical for the kosher consumer, has chosen Moshe Stander of Boynton Beach, FL, as their 2nd annual “Mashgiach of the Year” and presented him in October with an  award of $1,000. Mr. Stander, who has worked for the Orthodox Rabbinical Board of Broward & Palm Beach Counties (the “ORB”) since 2002, was chosen from among the nominees of the 1,151 kosher agencies worldwide.

The sponsors of the “Mashgiach of the Year” award are Paskesz Candy, Estihana Restaurant (Brooklyn, NY) and Chai-Ko-Tapas Restaurant (Teaneck, NJ). These companies have sponsored this award in appreciation of the services rendered by their own mashgichim.

“I am extremely impressed at the quality of the mashgichim recommended by the various kashrus agencies,” said Rabbi Yosef Wikler, editor of KASHRUS Magazine. “That made it a real challenge to select this year’s ‘Mashgiach of the Year’. We are confident that Moshe Stander represents the finest qualities which mashgichim possess: responsibility, dedication, quick thinking, a positive attitude, and good interpersonal skills, plus the passion that a mashgiach needs to consistently maintain a high level of kashrus. Being a mashgiach is a hard job, if you do it right; that’s why these men are truly our very finest.”

When interviewed, Moshe said, “I’m not a detective who is out to ‘catch the criminal.’ Instead, I stay out of the way, so that the workers will be free to act normally. We mashgichim are working for you. Even if you know nothing about kashrus, once in a while ask where the mashgiach is; walk over to me and ask how I check this or that vegetable. You’ll be showing me and the caterer that you care.”

KASHRUS Magazine’s October issue features an interview with the “Mashgiach of the Year.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. An honor very well deserved. I had the pleasure of working with Moshe at the Trump Doral Golf & Country Club. I can say without reservation, in my 25 years of culinary experience within the kosher market; he is the best Mashghia I have ever worked with. Kudos Moshe! Wishing you much continued success.


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