‘Morning Joe’ Slams ‘Entire Mainstream Media’ For Being ‘Anti-Trump’


MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough slammed “the entire mainstream media” for “being anti-Trump on all things” during a podcast interview with former NBC morning star Katie Couric.

“The entire mainstream media, we are reflexively anti-Trump on all things,” Scarborough told Couric, who launched her podcast with co-host Brian Goldsmith in 2017.

The perspective from Scarborough and Brzezinski comes after they have hammered Trump and his family for the past 20 months on regular basis, particularly on a personal level.

Scarborough has repeatedly stated that Trump has early onset dementia on the program and once said the president “looked like a kid who pooped in his pants.” Brzezinski, meanwhile, has called Ivanka Trump “useless” and urged her to “go home” back to New York.

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  1. No kidding. The MSM, many of whom regard their profession as a sacred duty to tell the truth, have largely abandoned any sense of objectivity when it comes to President Trump. Whether it’s CNN, NYDailyNews or other outlets, they’re filled with sneering, derogatory and contemptuous headlines about Trump, rather than a sober “Just the Facts” approach.
    I myself think that Trump is often buffoonish, boorish, immature and outrageous and these reporters have every right to also think so. Nonetheless, their reporting should be filtered to remove any trace of personal bias and that seems to be something they’ve decided needs not be done when reporting on Trump.
    You don’t like the guy? That’s what the editorial pages are for. Don’t ruin your news section by allowing your personal feelings to spill over into (supposedly) factual reporting.

  2. It took this “NeverTrumper” leftist 20 months to get some brains and admit publicly: “Trump has done more for America than he ever thought and he gave Trump an “A+” grade for his first year.”

  3. Its funny folks. The television is dynamite. One president has his eyes glued, another has their banks growing. Which well do we look to save and dream? We can only hope that it gets better.

    MSNBC is dynamite. It will be rating great and even if Mr. Trump smiles, it will be a first for day time cinema poor worth. The reader is dying and the poor grab the set. We can all kill to live. The media knows it fine.

    Way to go Trump. The boxer and the rebellion have found new wine.


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