‘Morning Joe’ Cohost Mika Brzezinski Upset The First Daughter Dared Celebrate Her Anniversary


‘Morning Joe’ Cohost Mika Brzezinski went after first daughter Ivanka Trump for sharing a smiling anniversary tweet amid the nationwide manhunt for a serial bomber – then deleted it.

The president’s daughter, a White House advisor, tweeted out the offending tweet on Thursday

‘You are my light, my love, my life. Happy 9th anniversary, Jared,’ she wrote, directing it to husband Jared Kushner, a senior advisor to President Trump.


In the tweet she later pulled down, the talk host wrote: ‘This is beyond creepy it is tone deaf. Can someone help them? Like no … nooo we don’t want to see that today. Or any day. We want people in the WH to work for America during this difficult time. Show us that .. this is icky. Totally out to lunch. God help us.’




  1. Well she was honest. She said she doesn’t want to see it “any day”. She is filled with hate, and any day would have caused her the same jealous fit. What was Mika doing when Steve Scalise was languishing on the brink of death after being shot on a ball field? Did she cancel her plans for that day?

  2. What a bum. This lowlife Russian communist now lectures normal people in normal marriages about showing affection?! Why do you even bother to quote her

  3. Toeivah is all they want. Msnbc will pull the plug on kosher rights. All for the drum to unorthodox celebration.

    It is a run to sin.


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