More Videos Of Last Night Selichos



  1. This is a jung`l`e not Slechois 8 days before your’e life stands in the balance this IS NOT the בורח ממנו עליו that the רמב”ם talks about in הלכות תשובה

  2. A while back, I’d have been very judgmental and disturbed by this, but as am getting a little older and getting to know more and more of my own deep and serious shortcomings, those which I really don’t know how to correct and reconcile, I know longer know that these people are to be judged and and that these ways are to be condemned. So while It still very much goes against my grain, I don’t feel that I have the bigness to judge them.

  3. If this is what Slichos means to them, let it be. In today’s world people have no patience for melancholy songs and have a hard time joining early morning minyan or late night minyan only to be part of a somber gloomy group. However, I was surprised to see a shtreimel guy there. Oh well.

  4. I challenege any of the naysayers to fully translate all of the Piutim of the Selichois and I challenge them if they have full concentration from begining to end. If they come up empty handed they should keep quiet, as these folks are at least into their version of hiskarvus to Hashem

  5. Is this slichos? Not my grandparents slichos for sure, but so what? I can’t get my teenage son to come to shul with me, this -I think he would go to- is this better then him being in bed sleeping? I think so…

  6. Why do they sing and dance with music only by the first Slichos? What about every day? What about Erev Rosh Hashana? That’s gaanse long.

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