More Than 300,000 Demonstrate Across Israel to Protest High Cost of Living


protest-israelMore than 300,000 people marched together in the mass protest that took place across Israel on Shabbos, according to police estimates.

Approximatley 300,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv, 20,000 participated in Yerushalayim, 3,000 in Kiryat Shmona, 5,000 in Modi’in,1,000 in Hod Hasharon and 1,000 in Eilat. However, those close to Prime Minister Bibi  Netanyahu claimed that the media had inflated the numbers of participants in the protests.

In Tel Aviv, people marched from Habima Square, near the tent city on Rothschild Boulevard, to the Kirya defense compund on Kaplan Street.

Protesters chanted “The people demand social justice” and “An entire generation demands a future.”

A number of signs that were hung on Kaplan Street read “Resign, Egypt is here.”

“Young people of Israel, our time has come,” said National Student Union Chairman Itzik Shmuli at the Tel Aviv rally.

This marked the third consecutive week a rally has been held in Tel Aviv. Smaller demonstrations also occurred in Ashkelon (more than 500 protesters), Dimona (around 200 protesters) and Eilat (1,000 protesters).

Around 1,000 protesters blocked the Shomrim Junction in the Jezreel Valley. The rally was held under the slogan, “The northern periphery is awakening.”

{Haaretz/ Newscenter}


  1. the protestors will get their demands with affordable housing their efforts will be heard
    and done by the power of our god.


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