More than 300 New Kosher for Pesach Items on Shelves This Pesach


kosher-for-pesachThe news this year may not be as dramatic as in past years. Pesach bagels and pizza already made news in previous years. The new “kitniyos” certification for Sephardic Jews made headlines last year and Manischewitz even created a new brand Kitni with an assortment of products. This year, an estimated 300 new items will be on kosher for Pesach shelves, including new condiments, oils and mixes.

For those suffering from celiac disease or who are otherwise looking for gluten free products, there are many interesting new gluten-free products. Most of the new products are from some of the better-known kosher brands. The once scarce salad dressing category has a new addition from Blanchard & Blanchard. It’s Pareve “Creamy Southwestern” Ranch which is distributed by Keyco (Kedem). Chef Jeff Nathan has new Gluten Free Cajun Panko Flakes that has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Gefen introduced a whole range of new items, including Sweet Potato Fries-Crinkle Cut, Potato Fusion Fries, French Fries-Straight Cut, French Fries-Crinkle Cut (frozen section), Olive Oil Cooking Spray and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Light Olive Oil, Rainbow Food Coloring, Cashew Butter and a Simple Syrup that is an all-natural invert sugar, an ideal ingredient for homemade ice cream, sorbet and for sweetening drinks. They are also introducing Premium Ketchup, Premium Ketchup with no sugar added and Sweet ‘N’ Sour Sauce with no sugar added, Sliced Red Peppers, Baby Gherkins, Mild Pepperoncini and Hot Chili Peppers.

For those searching for a delicious soup that’s also gluten free, look for Manischewitz Gluten Free Noodle Soup Mix. For breakfasts and desserts, there are such items as Rebecca and Rose Chocolate Covered Donuts, Bakery Box Cookies and Cakes that are All Natural and Gluten Free. Rebecca and Rose will also have the first Gluten Free Brownie Brittle (and Blondies). Manischewitz is introducing its Carrot Cake Macaroons (winner of the Kosherfest 2014 “Best New Kosher for Pesach” Award), which are pareve and gluten-free. Streit’s this year is distributing Foodman’s Original Matzolah, Matzo Granola Breakfast and Nosh (gluten free).

Matzot Aviv, launched a new line of health bars. Aviv is introducing Fruit and Nut bars, made from premium ingredients including dates and fruit that are grown and dried in Israel. Available flavors are Cashew &Nut, Cacao and Cinnamon & Spice. Yehuda is introducing Gluten Free Marble Cake which is the newest addition to the Gluten Free cake line. And then there’s

Kosherific’s Cauliflower Cheesy Pie. These imitation pizza pies are made with a unique cauliflower crust and only 57 calories per pizza. In the beverage category there is Kedem’s first Grab and Go Organic Grape Juice. Gefen’s new beverages include Regular Instant Coffee, Decaf Instant Coffee, and Nice Tea in several flavors, Regular Peach Iced Tea, Diet Peach Iced Tea and Diet Kiwi Strawberry Iced Tea. Wissotzky introduced six Nana mint blends. Fox’s U-Bet is adding an all-natural fair trade chocolate syrup.

In the fish category, Manischewitz launched Season Skinless Boneless in Hot Sauce Sardines, which have at least 800 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per serving. Gefen introduced Sardine Fillet’s in Water, Sardine Fillet’s in Olive Oil and Sardine Fillet’s with Tomato Sauce. In the sweets department for both adults and kids, Paskesz is adding Cluster Crunch Cereal (gluten free, all natural, non gebrokts and pareve). Camille Bloch Swiss Chocolate adds a pareve version to their popular 5-pack stick chocolates. And more desserts with Manischewitz Gluten Free Brownie Mix and Raisins & Spice Cookies. Streit’s is adding Caramel, Hazelnut and Cappuccino Truffles. Gefen has Cashew Almond Clusters, Cashew Pecan Clusters and Chestnut Snack Pack, Osem introduced Gluten Free Pretzel Thins – Sea Salt and Osem Gluten Free Pretzel Thins – Sesame. These items are all Gluten Free and Kitniot.

And what is Pesach without Matzohs. Consider Holy Land’s gift pack of handmade Shmura Matzo. Yehuda Gluten Free Cakes also expands with a new entry, Marble Cake. · Yehuda will also introduce a retail pack of Organic Matzo. More on the gluten-free front: Manischewitz is debuting Matzo Ball Mix, winner of the Kosherfest 2014 “Best New Pasta, Rice and Grain” Award as well as a Garlic & Rosemary Matzo-Style Squares and Gluten Free Garlic & Rosemary Matzo Crackers. Streit’s introduced Spelt Matzo Ball Mix and Matzo Ball Soup Mix. Yehuda Matzo introduces Organic Whole Wheat Matzo.

In addition to foods, many new novelty items will be on sale in time for the holiday. Rite Lite Ltd is showcasing a Seder Traditions” Melamine Seder Plate, 12″. Neronim Seder Candles by Shraga, the originators and makers of the popular Shabbos candles in a glass, new for Pesach, 8 hours of clear burning at your Seder table. Also new from Neronim, 3 and 5 hour candles.


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  1. I find it very said Passover is only one week and people can’t live without French fries, pizza, etc. What is the world coming too when you can’t enjoy a Passover with the minimum of modern things and enjoy the true holiday.

  2. To #1. If HKB”H allows us to have “modern things”, why can’t we use them to enjoy the true holiday — especially when there is a mitzvas asai of simchas Yom Tov? While I, personally, very rarely eat pizza or french fries (on Pesach or any other time), I certainly cannot condemn anyone who wants to eat something that is perfectly mutar.

  3. Big deal. Price gouging will continue as usual. The gullible fools will just keep getting ripped off and think they are doing a great Mitzvah and will get paid back altz Hotzao’s Kavod Yom tov. What stupid fools they are. Its time to stand up and fight this Avaira chamura!

  4. I Totally agree with #1

    just give it 5 to 10 years & by then you will not be able to even feel the kedusha of pesach anymore.

    Don’t worry soon there will be ovens that can bake challa in less then 18 minutes.

  5. In response to no. 1- when you are celiac and limited in what you can eat, it’s very appreciated when all these new items come out, so please be considerate to others who really benefit from the gluten free products, and can also carry them over for the rest of the year.

  6. is it not beautiful! look how much reward people will receive after pesach for not having the real thing for a whole week. they love the mizvos of hashem so much!

  7. Abilenetx is right on the money. Money is the right word, because it’s profit that’s driving this. Can’t we get by with non-gourmet, non-fake chometz stuff for eight days? (I hope in EY, where it’s only a week, that they don’t have this problem.)

    Pesach is supposed to be different from the other 51 weeks of the year. What are we teaching our kids? That we can’t live without the luxuries even for a week? That we have to indulge our taivos even at the cost of confusing the kavanah of eliminating chometz?

    Let’s get real and get back to the ikkar!

    And if you don’t buy the junk, you’ll save a lot of money, something which almost all of us are worried about these days.

  8. I cant believe what a chillul Hashem you people AT MATZAV just did.

    you have just shown your corruption & dishonesty. by not posting my HONEST post above that was written almost 24 hours ago.


    hope hashem will ever forgive you for this chillul hashem you made.

  9. to #12

    over the past 24 hours (between my 2 posts)many people have read this newsletter but have not seen what people have to say about it. do YOU think they will ever come back to read it? Sorry but they read it already. WOULD YOU go back to read something you read already? the only time I ever go back is to see if my blog was posted.

    so the fact that you even wrote your post just shows that your mind thinks it can fool people & shows that you also have a dishonest & corrupt mind.

    May hashem help you remove this dishonesty & corruption from your life & do teshuva ASAP

  10. MATZAV please post the post I wrote 7 sent over 8 hours ago for the sake of honesty & integrity. this is your chance to show people (who will still read this newsletter-if any still) that at least you are working on teshuva with honesty & no corruption anymore.

    with this route of honesty only, I bentch you that hashem should grant you success in all your needs etc…


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