More Than 1,600 New Yorkers Hospitalized for Flu in One Week 

A drastic rise in flu cases has hospitalized more than 1,600 New Yorkers in the past week alone, state health officials said Thursday, the Wall Street Journal.
The Department of Health reported influenza cases rose by 54% over the past week, with new cases diagnosed in all 62 counties, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a press release. The governor advised all New Yorkers six months of age and older over who haven’t received a flu shot yet to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
The 1,606 New Yorkers hospitalized in the past week with lab-confirmed flu is the highest weekly number since the health agency reporting began in 2004, officials said.  As of last Sunday, there were 17,362 confirmed cases of flu reported in the state, with more than 5,200 people hospitalized this season, officials said. Read more at Wall Street Journal.


    • That’s because there are about equal amount of people sick after getting the flu shot and those who don’t take it. The flu shot is 1 big hoax, just like many other vaccinations.

      • This is just another one of the liberal scientist agenda. First they expect us to believe that carbs are unhealthy which is DISPROVED, and now THIS? They are just a bunch of Democratic cronies who want to steal hard won American’s money.

  1. And here we were told that if you are such a chachum and take the flu shot, you wouldn’t get sick and you would live forever. Oh well, my bad.

  2. My family got the flu shot. Its not effective. They are still telling people to get the shot because it covers on strain. Two of them got the flu. BH we caught it early enough, Tamiflu helped them get better faster. There was a terrible cough with it, which is really scary, since it can turn into pneumonia, as it did for other kids in my neighborhood.

  3. So now, how do all the naysayers answer the Anti Vaxxer crowd? Now we clearly see that getting a flu shot didn’t help.

    • Everyone knows that the Flu shot is a different category. The Flu virus has thousands of strains and they cannot possibly create a vaccine that protects against every type of Flu. No one is claiming that the Flu virus is 100% effective- not even 50%. The Flu virus itself, although dangerous for some people, is annoying, but harmless to most people. That’s why many people, even those who are pro vaccine, do not bother with the Flu vaccine, so it is a very feeble anti- vaccine argument.
      The vaccines are very effective (although not 100%) against horrific diseases such as polio, meningitis, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough etc. It is only because the vaccines were so effective in minimizing these diseases that the diseases are so remote in everyone’s memories. That’s why some people can even dare to suggest that vaccines cause more damage than good. A question for you– If you were traveling to a third world country where Polio (or other such disease) still exists (Afghanistan, pakistan…), and there was possibility that you would come in contact with people who have polio, would you get the vaccination or not?


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