More Than 10,000 Feared Dead In Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines


philippines-typhoonA super typhoon that destroyed entire towns across the Philippines is believed to have killed more than 10,000 people, authorities said today, which would make it the country’s deadliest recorded natural disaster.

The horrifying new feared death toll from Super Typhoon Haiyan came as the United States pledged military help in the relief effort and as countless survivors across a huge swathe of the country remained without aid for a third day.

Ten thousand people were believed to have been killed in the worst-hit province on Leyte, regional police chief Elmer Soria told reporters in Tacloban, the devastated provincial capital.

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  1. is there any need to post that kind of picture? We can read and understand the tragedy, there is no need to put this kind of very graphic pictures on your site. Thank you.

  2. What u trying to hide the fact of death????
    What u afraid of??
    Its going to happen to all of us one day!!
    I hope, but not to soon Iy”H till 120!!!


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