ומחה ה’ דימה מעל כל פנים: Over 10,000 Attend Levaya of Leiby Kletzky Hy”d • A Father’s Farewell: “We Were Lucky To Have You”


levaya-of-leiby-kletzky-21[Videos and photos below.] Over 10,000 attended the levaya of Leiby Kletzky Hy”d this evening and thousands more listened via various live hookups. The levaya, which was held entirely in Yiddish, swelled to capacity before its scheduled start time at 8:30, prompting many of the thousands who could not get in to Bais Medrash Heichal Hatefillah, on 56th Street, between 16th and 17th Avenues,  in Boro Park, to gather behind police barricades, crowding neighborhood streets as they waited to pay their respects to the niftar.

Throngs of police officers and members of Shomrim kept order as a steady stream of  Yidden poured into the courtyard of the shul, within two blocks of where the boy lived. The neighboring streets were filled to capacity.

The hespeidim began shortly before 10 p.m. Rabbi Nachman Kletzky, Leiby’s father, and Rav Binyomin Eisenberger, rov of Bais Medrash Heichal Hatefillah, the shul where the family davens, were maspid him. They stressed the boy’s good middos and reminded the community to be careful, urging adults to protect their children from strangers. Divrei hesped were also delivered by Rav Gavriel Zinner, Rav Shraga Hager, and Leiby’s rebbi.

Rabbi Kletzky’s voice shook as he stood before the crowd and addressed his dear son, saying that he was lucky to have had him, if only for nine years. He thanked Hashem for such a “beautiful child” with a “beautiful neshamah.”

Hashem nosan, Hashem lokach (Hashem gives and Hashem takes). Thank You Hashem for giving you to us for nine years. We have to thank you for what You gave us,” said Rabbi Kletzky.

Turning to the aron, Rabbi Kletzky said to Leiby, “Daven for your sisters and the rest of your family, including the entire Klal Yisroel, which is now part of our family.”

Boruch Hashem we had him,” he said. And then, overcome by emotion, he went silent.

Cries and sobs could be heard across the crowd of fellow, brokenhearted Yidden.

The kevurah will be held in the bais hakevaros in Deans, New Jersey. Many who live in the Garden State and were unable to make it to the levaya in Brooklyn are making an effort to be present at the bais hakevaros. A few large vans full of yungeleit have driven from Lakewood, NJ, to the bais hachaim.

Leiby was the only son in his family of five children and would have turned 9 next week.

The prosecution is preparing their case against the suspect apprehended last night. District Attorney Charles Hynes is quoted as saying that someone who commits a crime like this should only leave prison in a box at the conclusion of a life sentence.  There is no death penalty in the State of New York, but Hynes is confident that a maximum sentence with no parole will be issued for such horrific crime.

Yehi zichro boruch.

See below for photos:

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  1. I think we can all agree that the era of giving suspected molesters in our community the benefit of the doubt is OVER!

  2. Hamakom yinachem eschem b’soch shar aveilei tzion v’yershulayim. May We only hear simchos. May the family and klal yisrael have a nechama soon.

  3. be’emes, I think, situations like these, (molestment) are getting too prevalent and we must start pushing for consequences. Unfortunately, we’ve heard of ‘maases’ of people of communities molesting without strict consequences. We must put our foot down no matter who we are dealing with. I think, that maybe, only because people were not sufficely proscuted for acts of molesting this person decided to do what he did, R”l. I really think there should be something done.

  4. http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/1569142/jewish/Coping-With-Tragedy-in-Borough-Park.htm

    A must read:

    Coping With Tragedy in Borough Park
    Can we make peace with this?

    Dear Rabbi:

    Today I read the horrifying news of the young boy brutally murdered in Borough Park. I know there are plenty of horrors in this world, but this one won’t let me rest or think of anything else.

    Do you rabbis have answers?

    —Y. T.


    I have no answer to calm your soul and let you rest. But I can share the thoughts I have written to myself this day.

    We believe that G?d is good. And yet He has created beings that commit horrific evil, acts He Himself despises in the most ultimate sense of the word. Things about which we can only recoil in horror while turning to the heavens in indignant outrage, screaming, “Why did You allow this? How could You?!”

    And all we receive from heaven is a silent tear.

    Of all the questions we ask, why does this one never receive a satisfactory answer? We believe our Torah is a Torah of truth, of divine wisdom, yet of all the questions it answers, why on this one does it fail us?

    We are told that good cannot come without evil, just as darkness cannot come without light.

    But, G?d, dear beneficent and all-powerful G?d, could You not do whatever You please? Could you not create light without darkness, good without evil? At the very least, did You have to create an evil so hideous?

    We are told that commensurate to the darkness will be the light, commensurate to the pain will be the reward. Looking at this world and the pain we have suffered, the reward must be beyond any measure.

    But, my G?d, you are good! Does everything have to be measured so precisely? Can a G?d who is good allow such horror, even if ultimately it will become good?

    We are told that human beings must be given free choice. That this is the ultimate kindness of G?d to humankind, that He grants us the space to fail, and the opportunity to achieve greatness on our own.

    But if this is kindness, then what is cruelty? Are there no limits? Even the most liberal parents, if they care, they will have limits on the freedoms they grant their children. And here, in our world, we see ugliness without bound.

    My G?d, each day I am surrounded by Your wonders. Each day, I see Your miracles, one after the other, Your unending goodness to me and to each of us. I will not lose faith, I will not stop praying to You. But if I will not stand up and demand, “Does the Judge of all the earth not do justice?” if I will not declare, “Why have you done evil to your people?”—then what kind of a creature am I? And in what sort of a G?d do I believe?

    One day, we will understand. Until then, we must be outraged. We must recoil with horror, we must reach deep inside ourselves, we must protest to G?d Himself. For only the righteously indignant can heal this world.

    That is our answer for now: That we cannot be allowed to understand. For if we would understand, we would not be outraged. And if we were not outraged, then why would we ever stand up and do all that is in our power that such horrors could never happen again? And then there would be no one to heal G?d’s world.

    And so the answer is only a silent tear, falling from heaven, into our hearts.

  5. We have seen the worst and the best in a few of days! For me I feel lots of confusing emotions anger ,sadness, consternation, shame
    how in the world can a jew sink so low?
    on the other hand my nechoma even at a time like this is that we jews are not like that
    and from one sickened individual like this one we have millions that are the opposite, baishonim, rachamonim ,goimel chasodim,WE should never allow our people sink or get used (chas v’sholom)to inmorality. Let’s protect ourselves from all negative influence.

    may we never EVER hear news like these and let our true nature of benei Avrohom avinu shine the world

  6. Tayereh Neshamale Leiby, HY”D

    Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Kletzky, and family,
    Hamakom Yenachem eschem…My heart is bleeding for you…no words…no words…

  7. The Rambam says that for this type of guy that kills and there are no edim you lock him up and torcher him a ad ein sof that way others should be sceard to do such a thing

    The only thing I could think about all day was this story may Hashem bring a nechama to his parents and his famly and last but not least gans klal yisroel and bring moshiach

  8. Several hundred at the burial in Deans N.J.
    The kvura was over shortly before 1:30am
    a few short words were spoken by a certain R’ Kravitz and our precious little Leiby was put to his final rest.

    Leiby’s father wasn’t present only his grandfathers.

    May God console the grieving family and all who mourned along with them.

  9. Hearing this news all the way from israel, I wanted to jump on a plane and join everyone in the search and levaya of this little innocent boy. Every time I think of what the parents, family, and those who knew him personally are feeling I start crying. How could such a thing happen?! Why did such a young child have to be a kapara for us?! A boy that hasn’t even been bar mitzvahed!!! So many questions, and no answers. we must strengthen our emunah! We must strengthen our bitachon! We must work on ourselves to become better yidden! Never again should something like this happen again. Hashem is trying to tell us something. We believe that nothing is coincidence. Its all min hashomayim. Its not coincidence that three tzadikim were niftar last week and this neshamah tehorah was niftar this week. We must ALL take it to heart. We must ALL become better. We are one nation. One people. We are responsible for one another. We must take action for what has happened. This family didn’t just lose a precious little boy……. We all did.

  10. My heart breaks with pain from this horrible tragedy. Every Jewish mother grieves with you. I can only offer you my condolences, and beg that Hashem will heal your pain. May Hashem forgive us all, and not bring any more tragedy to our people…

  11. I am sure I am among the many who cannot sleep, tossing and turning with the pictures of this beautiful neshamala in our heads, and unfortunately haunted by the acts of the rasha who commited this heinous crime. May Hashem grant the Kletzky family a nechama and may we all grab the opportunity to better ourselves in at least one very concrete way. I am struggling with what I should do, what I should take upon myself. This is such a tzara. This is just so awful. So sad. I am rambling because I have no real words to express how I feel. Leiby, please beg Hashem for mercy for all of klal yisroel and for a nechama for your family. We all feel that we love you and miss you so much.

  12. Dear Rabbi & Mrs. Kletsky,
    You do not know me, but you are my brother and sister. The story of your dear Leiby has torn our hearts apart, here and all over. Leiby was a raine neshomale. He was nebach a korban for the tzibbur. This henious crime, makes us sick. Our hears are with you in this terrible time.We have no words.
    We wonder: did it ever enter the minds of the klall, that maybe this murderer is NOT a real Yid? Yidden are Rachmonim, benei Rachmonim. There was no rachmonus here. Something is very wrong.
    Hamakon Yenachem Eschem Besoich Sh’ar Aveylei Tzion Veyerushalayim. You should not know of any more tzar.

  13. #1- I hope you are right but unfortunately I still believe that the same individuals who defend these monsters no matter what will do the same. I hope I am wrong.

  14. If the family is reading this, Hamakon yinachem Etchem…I feel so overwhelmed with sorrow and i also can barely sleep or think of anything else. It is heart breaking and please, any parents reading this, you cannot let your child outside unobserved for even one minute unfortunately in this world because there are many predators out there looking for that one instant when they can lure or grab a child, chas v’shalom. Predators are everywhre and especially where they think children play or can be found. I heard on television last night that there are 58,000 kidnappings by non-family members each year in the US and almost 800,000 missing kids reported in the US per year, though most are by relatives, but that 58,000 figure by non-family members is chilling. Let’s petition schools to teach children what to do if G-d forbid a stranger grabs them, and how to fight back and escape. It seems the most dangerous times are when kids are walking to and from the bus stops for school/camp or walking to school itself. They must be accompanied by adults, even if it is a hassle. Everyone should look up how to teach and prevent “stranger danger” and reinforce this with their children and go over it every few months to jog their memories. I wish the Kletzky family comfort and what the father said at the funeral is so touching. It serves as a reminder of how precious our every interaction with each of our children and spouse is. I hope Leiby’s hideous murderer gets the maximum punishment here and that in Heaven, G-d Almighty, the true judge, will mete out the remaining consequences. What a terrible tragedy for klal Yisrael. I feel that there should be some sort of national response but I am not sure what the appropriate one should be.

  15. Please permit a note of condolence from a Catholic mother of two sons. My heart is breaking for the family of this innocent child and for the Jewish community. All people of good will are with you and our prayers are raised in your behalf.

  16. can’t they turn this monster over to federal and then he can be exectuted?
    Hamakom yenachem eschem b’toch shaar avalei tzion ve yerushalyim.
    Jews are all ONE people, we are hurting for the Kletzky family, so righteous. Be strong, and let use try to do mitzvos to bring light into this sore world.
    The word for WORLD is Olam. It has the shoresh of Hellum, meaning hidden. This is so hidden, we don’t understand it, but we see our righteous yidden accepting it with pain but knowing that HaShem hu haElokim.


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