MORE SIMCHA: Simcha Felder Wins District 17 State Senate Race


State Senator Simcha Felder HAS defeated challenger Blake Morris in the Democratic primary in New York’s District 17.

Felder, who has represented the district since 2012, was 22 points ahead with 9,910 votes when NY1 called the race in his favor around 9:45 p.m., reported. Morris had captured just 6,283 votes when about 80 percent had been tallied, according to city voting records.

District 17 covers Midwood, Ditmas Park, Kensington, Borough Park, Sheepshead Bay and Sunset Park.

Senator Felder issued the following statement to “The people have spoken loud and perfectly clear, they are voting on the issues that matter to them – safety and security, quality of life and education. I thank everyone in the 17th Senate District for coming out to vote today. Your confidence and support are truly humbling. I will continue serving you and all New Yorkers faithfully.”



  1. That is a very significant showing by novice challenger Morris in his race against a veteran elected official.

    It shows great opposition to Felder, even in a district crafted for such a candidate. He didn’t win 90%, not 80%, and not even 70%.

    Food for thought.

    • This is a big blow to Nanci Pelosi and the entire Democrat establishment. They invested a lot in Blake and came up empty handed. The msm was just waiting to pounce, and now they have to eat crow. Simcha is, for all intents and purposes, a Republican and he easily won reelection in a boro favored 8-1 by Democrats.
      Mazel Tov Simcha. Hatzlacha Raba in your avodah of tzorchei tzibbur.

  2. BH! If simcha is reading this, i would just like to convey that even though i do not reside in your senate district, i truly appreciate the work you do on behalf of new york state. Your stands for yeshiva education, securing a moral conscious in the senate, and your stand against the “bag tax” testify to your commitment to do what’s best for the community and the state at large. May you have continued hatzlacha in securing achievements for for the state and always continue to be a true ambassador in albany for the frum community!

  3. The low voter turnout is because almost all new voters in the orthodox community are registering as Republicans. I understand that the Republicans reflect our values on many issues however this trend will hurt our community very much. As we see with the election of Ms. Salazar NYC is moving more and more to the left. The moderate Democrats who reflect our values on social issues such as gay rights, school choice or religious issues need every vote they can get. With us registering as Republicans we will see more and more Ms Salzars affecting our community, Hashem Yishmor

  4. REbbi, there are lots of Jews in BP but it is the eve before shabbat, and it is the week of the ten special days between Rosh hashana and Yom kipour and people are busy! There is also the enormous complacency factor too. Keep in mind that the Democratic machine was in full throttle against him and they got the vote out in areas outside of BP. It is a big win although it should have been bigger.

  5. Ah yid is right. We vote Republican because the Democrats represent immorality. Eventually, New Yorkers and the rest of the world will recognize that living according the the will of Hashem it’s the only way that works. The tide is already turning.

  6. Yehuda of great neck!
    Most jews are registered republicans and couldn’t vote in this election. Nothing to do with it being Thursday and time of year.

  7. I register Democrat just so that I can participate in the Democrat primaries. Then I usually end up voting for the Republican presidential nominee.

  8. Leave out low voter turnout for a second and the Democrud/Republicant factors. Simcha’s win was a clear and loud message to Cuomo – you are NOT and NEVER WILL BE in charge totally. Nothing wrong with this message and I endorse it wholeheartedly.

  9. That Simcha won is a big win for our community
    That he only received 15,000 votes is a shame for our community.
    Where were the other voters? After all that Simcha has done for our community- where is the hakoras hatov?
    After all the heimishe organizations pulling out all the stops to get him re-elected, where were all the voters? Yes, it is the hardest time of the year, but if you didn’t vote, you have your priorities all messed up
    It’s true that many are registering as Republicans because the Demos are immoral, but the fact is that with Republicans we would lose all our hard-fought gains for our schools and community. This is a big problem and dilemma

  10. People often stress how important it is for Orthodox Jews to maintain a position in and contact with the Democratic Party. The way that party is devolving nationally, we’ll soon be on the outside whether we like it or not. Signs of this have begun to appear even locally.


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