More On the Discovery of Aharon Sofer z”l


moshe-tzvi-sofer-oiring[See here for photos of today’s search.] Updated: As the Jewish world mourns the passing of Aharon Sofer z”l, many questions are being asked and only time will tell what truly occurred between Friday, when Aharon went missing, and today, when his body was found.

This morning, there was a meeting with the chief of police at the headquarters of United Hatzalah in Yerushalayim in the continuing search for Aharon Sofer.

The disappearance had confounded police and other officials, and it was thus decided to search the same area of the Yerushalayim Forest, but move east.

“It was decided to send volunteers and command center to search in an area that wasn’t even considered in the first place,” Eli Beer of Ichud Hatzolah told, “It was in Ein Kerem, below the neighborhood of Bayit Vegan, about 5 miles away from where all the searches were being conducted.”

About an hour into the search, two volunteers found a body. Paramedics arrived immediately, checked the body, and realized that hadn’t been alive for a while.

“He had a bag and a jacket next to him, laying there on the floor,” a volunteer told

“We don’t know at the present time how Aharon passed away,” said Beer. “He was found on the floor and had not been alive for some time.”

Beer added that there was a small cliff nearby.

“He may have fallen. He might have been dehydrated. It is too premature to rule anything out.”

Beer added that Aharon was discovered “a long way from where he disappeared,” saying, “Nobody ever considered that this location was even a possibility.”

Reb Moshe Tzvi and Chuldah Sofer were informed of their son’s petirah at Ichud Hatzolah headquarters in Romema.

See here for photos of today’s search.

{ Israel News Bureau/Photos by Moshe Asulim}


  1. I think he did have a parcel or bag in his hand. Check the train video again.
    How could he be 5 miles away and still be in the forest if the forest is only 1.2 square kilometers?
    May Hashem be menachem his family and friends and all of Am Yisrael. And may we be zoche to the geula b’karov.

  2. To # 3
    It says that Eetz Yisroel is a land that stretches. That’s why so many people could fit into Yirushalayim by Oileh Regel.

  3. to lakewood bubby
    its very thin a some spots
    basically a couple valleys between yefe-nof- har nof, ein kerem, motza, yad v’shem etc.
    Ein kerem is very far from har nof

  4. Why is nothing being reported regarding his friend who went hiking with him, who supposedly is being tortured ny Israel Police?

  5. Please be careful there is no toeles in your canard. Especially after hundreds of police just searched for the bochur a’h and continue to try to protect hundreds of thousands of yidden in Yerushalayim

  6. The police didn’t torture anyone. Thousands of plolicemen worked day and night to try to find him. It’s Elul. Let’s be very careful what we say and apologize for the laz being spread.


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