More Elal Trouble As Group Lands In Israel Only To Discover Their Suitcases Remained In New York


Elal Flight 028 from New York landed in Israel earlier today carrying 200 passengers, most of them Bobover chassidim returning from the Bobover wedding this week in New York.

To the shock and dismay of the passengers, they were informed upon arrival that their suitcases stayed in New York due to security issues. The news left the passengers furious, with many of the chassidim left without their shtreimels and bigdei Shabbos, having brought them in to New York for the wedding.




  1. Whether it was a security issue or not (just an excuse for the missing) , WHY WQERE THOSE PASSENGERS NOT TOLD ABOUT IT????????????????? They would then have a choice whether they’re willing to depart without them….BUT NO EXCUSE FOR NOT NOTIFYING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Their luggage probably went to Athens. It will remain there so the next time some poshim decide to take a late flight before Shabbos, they should have bigdei Shabbos when they arrive.

    • Nobody “decided” to take a late flight. Did you inquire from all these people why they took that flight? Are you waiting for Hashem to put you in such a situation to understand?

    • Thank you.
      That’s exactly how I feel when people who post here – frum people who should certainly know better – see yenem’s misfortune as an opportunity to crack jokes. This is true for financial mishaps, too – e.g. bitcoin or the stock marked crashing, layoffs, and the like.


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