Moore On Election Results: I’m Waiting For Secretary Of State’s Final Count


A defiant Roy Moore declined on Wednesday to concede the Alabama Senate election to Democrat Doug Jones, saying that he is waiting on the Alabama secretary of state to certify the vote count.

Jones beat Moore by 1.5 percent of the vote. Read more at The Hill.



  1. Multiple levels of election fraud being uncovered:
    -The 421st precinct obtained nearly 26,000 votes for Doug Jones in an area with only 1100 residents!
    -Momentarily Moore is already in the lead by more than 300 votes after some fraudulent votes were thrown out.
    -Thousands of felons across the state were allowed to vote.
    -People bused in from other states.
    -The Supreme Court allowed destroying the electronic ballots.
    Cheating apparently is the only way the Dems can win.

  2. Do not go gentle
    And accept that you have lost
    Rage against the Dems
    And get their ballots tossed

    Stoke your believers’ anger
    Ensure they’re all enraged
    True believers don’t care
    That your “dates” were underaged

    You may not be Dem or RINO
    And yet still be quite sure
    The USA is better today
    Now that we’ve got less of Moore

  3. Moore is one of the few believers in G-d left in America. Rabbi Bloch said that the existence of a nation depends on people that believe in G-d and not in atheistic evolution. Moore is against all the toevos that the Leftist horde is in favor of. He used to post the 10 commandments in his office and he still has faith in G-d.

    The Xtians are fading away and are not having children at a replacement level and since there has to be someone who believes in G-d in charge, the Muslims will take their place. Germany and France are well on the way to extinction of their existing culture. America is on the road to the same thing and it’s being pushed hard by the Leftists and Moore is one of the few standing in their way.

    All the slander about him is pure fiction and he supports all the things that frum Jews would want.

    • I agree with everything you said and found the remark from Rabbi Bloch very interesting. Never heard of it but it makes a lot of sense at the rate things are going worldwide.


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