Moore Files Suit To Block Alabama Election Result


Republican Roy Moore is challenging the Alabama Senate election results after losing to Democrat Doug Jones, alleging potential voter fraud in a court filing.

Moore submitted the election complaint late Wednesday, hours before state officials were set to certify the victory of Jones, the first Democrat in decades to win a Senate seat in the normally reliable Republican state. Read more at The Hill.



    • A Republican managing to lose in ‘Bama? Amazing.
      -If Moore was the Harlem Globetrotters, they’s lose to the Washington Generals nightly.
      -If Moore was Groucho Marx, he’d be the straight man for Margaret Dumont.
      -If Moore was scissors, he’d be beaten by paper.
      -If Moore was a cat, he’d lose to the lamb in Chad Gadya.
      -If Moore was Babe Ruth, the Yankees would’ve had an 86-year curse after acquiring him from the Red Sox.
      -If Moore was an adult, babies would take candy from him. Easily.
      -If Moore was flipping a two-headed coin, it’d somehow come up “tails”. (And then he’d demand a recount.)
      -If Moore won a round of golf, they’d change the rules so the high score won.
      -If Moore ran a race against Secretariat, it would be close, but he’d lose. Which is pretty amazing, since Secretariat’s been dead for 28 years.

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