Monsey: Where Are The Plows??


Dear Residents,

Many of you may be wondering where the plows are.

I have been in contact with the Highway Superintendent. He tells me that because the storm came in earlier than was forecast, and also dropped more snow more quickly than predicted, everyone was caught off guard. Many people left for their commute home later than they should have, and as a result the plows ended up caught in the gridlock that developed on our local roads and have not been able to get to the areas they need to plow. The fact that the State plows (which handle 306 and 202) and the County plows (which handle the County roads) where also behind in getting out, has made this situation even worse as the main roads were also not cleared.

Currently the weather reports are showing that temperatures will be rising above freezing through the night and the Highway Superintendent anticipates that all our roads will be clear by the morning.

Best regards,
Marshall Katz, Mayor
Village of Wesley Hills
432 Route 306
Wesley Hills New York 10952
United States


  1. The Monsey infrastructure is a disaster. It was never built to handle so many cars and people. With such a high tax rate you would think they would do something about it, but no.

  2. Roads were not pretreated with those white lines. Cuomo keeps getting elected while ignoring small towns and “peripheral needs” such as snow plowing. People got stuck in Suffern back to Monsey for FOUR HOURS. New City to Wesley SEVEN HOURS. A friend who works in Valley Cottage couldn’t get onto 9W or other roads, he hopped on the thruway & got home via NJ in THREE HOURS. There is no excuse for this negligence.

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