Monsey School Bus Slams Into Tree, No Injuries Reported


A tragedy was averted in Monsey, NY, Wednesday afternoon, where a school bus with children on board slammed into a tree.

The accident took place near College Road, where the bus driver lost control of the vehicle and careened off the road and into a tree. The entire front of the bus was smashed in but b’chasdei Hashem no one was injured.

Police and Hatzolah came to the scene to survey the damage and ensure the children were able to get home safely. It is believed the snowy weather caused the bus to lose its grip of the wet roads.




  1. Baruch Hashem my sons Yeshiva in Midwood canceled their snow tubing trip that was planned for today due to the inclement weather that was expected to make the roads very treacherous on the way back, which would of been around now.

  2. there was another crash in New Jersey. The driver on that bus was high on heroin, and she even had the drug paraphernalia on the bus!! She was transporting special needs kids.

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