Monsey Residents In An Uproar Over Sting Crosswalking Operation


Residents of Monsey, NY, were incensed yesterday at a Ramapo Police undercover operation aimed at ticketing cars that don’t stop at crosswalks.

The sting used an undercover cop at the crosswalk by Route 306 and Grove Street. As cars approached the white lines the officer would feign an attempt to cross the street. If the vehicle ignored the crosser, he would then radio in an uniformed officer parked a few blocks over who would pull over the car and issue a ticket.

The operation was met with indignation by many Monsey residents, who felt it amounted to entrapment. One kind individual even took to standing near the crosswalk with a warning to vehicles passing by.

The Ramapo Police Department later poseted a defense of their actions.






  1. Why do we have a Torah? We have so many eitzahs un pleitahs to guide us instead. These hypocrites wring their hands and wail when there’s an accident. Why? Just ignore it, tomorrow there will be sun and in a year there will be a new sefer Torah, whose contents will be ignored, in the shul where the deceased or maimed went. Since we, chas ve’ sholom, can’t carry the maimed will never see the sefer Torah, for which 100s of thousands have been raised. Of course 20 to 30 grand goes to the sofer, the rest – nisht a kashe far dich.

    Seichel iz a eidele zogt.

    • It is like my Zaida used to say about one of his neighbors:

      “He is a gemorrah-kup, but nisht vit de commen sensen”!

  2. Important info: If you plead not guilty and the only the officer who wrote the ticket, you can have the ticket dismissed since he didn’t see it happen

  3. Pay attention to the traffic laws and you won’t get a ticket. People should be more incensed about reckless driving in the community. Speeding and failing to observe traffic laws should be more of a concern than undercover cops doing their job

  4. I like the message but to all of the sudden enforce this law (which I admit forgot about since it’s never enforced) is a bit wrong. Everyone should get a warning for the first two weeks of enforcement. After that then yes people should get tickets. That corner where the video is, is very difficult to cross during the day time hours. Also there should be a sign letting drivers knows that pedestrians have the right of way. You see such signs in many places where it’s in middle of the street. The sign in the picture is not suffice.

    • Yes! and all red lights should have signs saying Red = stop, and intersections need signs telling us to signal.
      there are so many rules we can’t be expected to remember them all

  5. Is it such an imposition to drive safely with proper regard for pedestrians? If this was a minhag, would it appeal to you more?

  6. Nothing in the story indicates that Monsey residents are in an uproar.
    For all we know, all the women and children who try to cross there are very pleased. Why wouldn’t they be?
    I am a Monsey resident, a male, and have personally called the ramapo police, requiring they do something to protect people trying to cross both at this crossing and the one on Rita.

    No need for entrapment.

    All they needed to do was stand there and on Rita with a camera while children and women try to get across.

  7. So the residents of Monsey feel that the cars should just continue driving when they see pedestrians including children crossing the crosswalk!
    I would think after all the accidents in Monsey they would appreciate the safety precautions the police are taking.

    • no where does the article show how the monsey residents were in an uproar! they should change the headline. I am a monsey resident who does appreciate the safety precautions, as do most monsey residents.

  8. that corner needs a 3 way stop sigh or traffic light.
    insane. back in the early 1970 when there was a few stores a crosswalk would be ok.

    main street is a main thouroughfare. i think its called 306. who puts a crossswalk in middle of an Avenue or highway… if they are worried about true safety place a stop sign or traffic light.

    and i have not lived in monsey since 1976 but visit about 1x a year.

  9. “The operation was met with indignation by many Monsey residents, who felt it amounted to entrapment”

    Well they are wrong since this isn’t entrapment.

    So Not only do we need education regarding the rules of the road, basic menchlishkeit, we also need education on Legal terms

  10. Maybe if the holier than thou frum Yidden, who think dinah d’malchusah dinah doesn’t apply to them. will learn that they have to obey the law just like anyone else.

    Kudos to RPD.

  11. Huh??????
    People are in an uproar and upset because the police are enforcing a law that’s for the safety of pedestrians?

  12. What are people so incensed about? The police are doing their job! They are making people aware of safety. If you obey the crosswalk, you have nothing to worry about. If you don’t, then I’m a real situation as opposed to this sting setup, the result of ignoring could Chas v’shalom be catastrophic. There are consequences to our actions-the police are there to remind us that safety first, convenience later.

  13. Kol Ha kovod and yasher coach to the Ramapo police.
    Next, the community needs a similar lesson regarding what a “Stop” sign means.
    Such “lessons ” only protect the community at large.

  14. Drivers should learn to yield to pedestrians. The police should do this more often, and also creat more sidewalks. There are only two in Main Street

  15. I think the problem here is that many in our Heimishe community can’t read those big, red, 8-sided signs with the letters S-T-O-P.

    It is beyond their reading level.

  16. For all the holier then thou club, how would you like it if cops in NYC would start ticketing for jay-walking without warning? When you are able to ticket 30 cars in one sting operation then you need more driver awareness, not entrapment.

  17. When I took Driver Education, I was taught, and when I read the driver’s manuals, I saw written there, that THE PEDESTRIAN has the right-of-way. Yet, during the years when I lived in Brooklyn, MANY times when I was — attempting — to cross the street at an intersection in the crosswalk, cars would be turning into that crosswalk and would JUST KEEP GOING, callously pushing me out of their way! Therefore, it is certainly OUTRIGHT WONDERFUL that at least the Ramapo Police are finally taking actions to restore the rights and safety of pedestrians.

  18. This is not speeding on a deserted highway, this is active endangerment of pedestrian lives. Unlike other drivers that are protected by steel and airbags, pedestrians have very low survival rates when hit directly. We aren’t talking just dina demalchusa dina here, but playing deadly games with other Yiden’s lives. So, in this case, the police actually served the community. All the outrage should be directed towards drivers that don’t value pedestrian lives.

  19. Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT’L, remarked about (for example) government fire inspectors giving citations to building owners for fire prevention violations and traffic police giving tickets to car & truck drivers for traffic violations: THEY ARE SAVING YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!

    One of the biographies about Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky, ZT’L, relates the following incident. One morning, the person who was driving him to Shul for Shacharis came to an intersection where he had a stop sign. Figuring that since it was then quite early in the morning, no one would be around, so it would not make any difference if he did not stop at the sign, and so he did not stop and continued driving through. The truth though, was that THERE WAS someone else around, and that this “someone else” happened to have been a policeman sitting in his patrol car! Needless to say, the officer turned on his car, drove up to this driver, pulled him over, and gave him a ticket.

    Afterwards, Rav Yaakov remarked that he probably could have spoken to the policeman and persuaded him to not give the driver the ticket. He DID NOT do that though, because he knew that IT WAS GOOD for the driver to get that ticket! In other words, IT WAS CRUCIAL for that driver to sharply learn that he absolutely cannot drive through a stop sign!

  20. What’s the hurry? The law has been statewide for many years in NY and NJ and many other states providing people use the crosswalks. It’s in place to protect the residents. It won’t kill people to obey the law but if you don’t obey the law, you can kill people.

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