Monsey Residents Cry: Where is O&R?


rt-59-monseyMonsey, NY – As Day Five will end in darkness for over 26,000 residents in the Ramapo area, frustrated and cold residents ask, “Where is Orange & Rockland Utilities?”

Monsey and Spring Valley Residents say, “If we just saw a utility truck, we would feel as if they are doing something, but that is not the case.”

O&R claims to have restored power to 60 percent of the 120,000 customers who lost service during last the Shabbos freak snowstorm, thus leaving residents in Ramapo wondering why they haven’t seen utility trucks anywehere.

“We are waiting for real answers,” said one resident of Monsey. “This is a disgrace.”

Another resident said, “We feel that Monsey is being ignored for political purposes. Ramapo Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence is the one who fights against Orange & Rockland rate hikes and that is why Ramapo is being ignored.”

A spokesman for the utility comapny said that they hope to have 90 percent of its customers restored by tomorrow and the remainder by late Friday night.

The spokesman also claims that over 1,000 crew members are in the field trying to restore power.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. some parts of monsey have gotten power back. This doesn’t help the people who still don’t have power, but it is an exageration to say that Monsey has been completely ignored.

  2. As of yesterday, only 5000 in Ramapo didn’t have power and that number has been significantly reduced as of today. In addition,there are 1750 utility workers at work and can be seen if one drives around. There are crews from all over the US. The devastation is enormous.


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