Monsey: O&R Hopes To Restore All Power By Friday


rockland-stormOrange and Rockland utilities expects to restore electric service by midnight Wednesday night to the majority of the approximately 100,000 customers who lost power as a result of the Shabbos storm.

O&R expects to return electric service to the remaining customers by midnight Friday night. The utility has restored service to about 34,400 customers.

Because of the extensive damage, O&R is supplementing its workforce with mutual aid, contractor and tree crews from as far away as Florida, Maryland and Michigan.

The damage included large numbers of wires that were knocked down by snow-laden trees and branches. Those downed wires pose a significant safety risk, company officials said. Everyone should assume downed power lines are energized and dangerous and they should stay at least 50 feet away and call O&R to report them at 1-877-434-4100.

{Rockland County Times, Noam Newscenter}


  1. Hey fellas, this is Monsey! It’s the year 2011! Can you believe that from just 9 inches of snow an entire, almost a little city, is STILL OUT OF POWER???? Amazing!
    We can appreciate the b’riah a little better now. That’s why the trees lose their leaves before the winter snows. This is the result of an early-bird-special!
    And Al Gore will tell us that this is a result of Global Warming!

  2. O & R trucks were nowhere to be found in the Maple/Forshay/College area. They are always slow to respond. It’s a fact. They would rather elder people freeze than spend an extra dollar to get more crews. Florida and Michigan??? Right.

    If Satmar would have owned the company there would have been power three hours after Motzai Shabbos!

  3. I’m a little nervous seeing those frum guys with light green suits. I hope they realise that stepping or going near downed wires is dangerous. The terrible tragedy that happened to a charedi chesed worker 2 months ago in that very same area is enough! And well one risks their life by doing it. They have families and so I would hope that they dont consider giving up their own life for chesed. One has to listen to authorities and take electrical warnings seriously even if one works for a Charedi organization that does tonz of selfless work for th tzibur.

  4. #3 No it’s not.

    #6 It takes exactly 1/2 hour to train how to deal with downed power lines. Chaverim have had extensive training in most of these areas and more. Why be so suspecting of “charedi” organizations?


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