Monsey Man Goes Missing After IRS Scammers Threaten Him


irs-building-washington-dcAn IRS scam reported on previously here on has reared its ugly head once again.

A Monsey, NY, resident recently received a phone call from scammers posing as the IRS. They claimed that he owed them $2,500 and must transfer the money at a CVS or 7/11 store immediately. Otherwise, they said, agents located on his street will arrest him and put him away for a long time.

“He panicked and told his wife briefly that he’s in trouble with the IRS,” a source said. “He then ran out of the house.”

The man’s wife tried unsuccessfully for two hours to track him down before calling Chaveirim.

Unable to contact him, Chaveirim feared that might have been kidnapped.

“His wife was sure he’s dead,” said the source.

Chaveirim had Ramapo Police ping the man’s phone, which was tracked at a CVS pharmacy. Chaveirim rushed to the scene, where they found the man on the phone with the scammers. He had just completed a transaction of $2,500 – which he had borrowed – and related that he had been threatened.

Chaveirim stated that they recently receive seven calls from people in Monsey who said that they had been contacted by scammers posing as IRS agents.

An askan shares a piece of advice: “Remember: The IRS never calls on the phone for money! Use your seichel and stay safe.”

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. Something about this story just doesn’t compute. If this man plays it honestly when filing his tax returns each spring, then he should have been deeply suspicious when these “IRS agents” claimed that he owed taxes. Only the guilty get nervous…the innocent have nothing to hide. Secondly, how can any intelligent human being not be incredulous about their claim that they are on his block ready to arrest him…with NO prior notifications or warnings? Give me a break. I fear that this Monsey resident had much to hide.

  2. Don’t judge. Even people that have nothing to hide can freak out from these calls. The IRS doesn’t have a good reputation when you cross their line.
    My mother went through Auschwitz and she will never open the door for anyone in a uniform. she freaks out every time she passes a border inspection.
    My son in Monsey received the same call today he couldn’t pick up, they left a message with a number to call back. Where can he report it?

  3. To #1 are you happy now that you spoke loshon hora for absolutely no reason, a week before Rosh Hashana.
    Who Cares about the exact details?!, as long as he’s alive & well…
    YOU have way too much time on your hands.

  4. #1
    Stop being choisheid biksheirim. Everyone’s afraid of the IRS even if you’re honest as the day is long. They can always find or pretend to find money you owe them. And the guy thought that that means you could go to jail.

  5. It’s just like the complaints lodged at and I feel like the victim should have remained calm and rational before he acted on the issue. If he had only stopped for a while and thought about the situation, he might have realized it was a bluff. But he panicked instead, the kind of reaction the scammers wanted him to have, and gave in to the demands. I feel sorry for him. $2500 is a lot of money.

  6. > “Aren’t Jews meant to be smart?”
    >> Shvigger, one can only regret that it is, sadly, not so, especially given the few patently absurd comments, above. The IRS may be appalling in their conduct, BUT they are not the STASI or NKVD who are ready to pound down citizens’ doors and haul them off for tortuous interrogation. Pssst…the U.S. is not a police state (at least not yet).

    > “Everyone’s afraid of the IRS even if you’re honest as the day is long.”
    >> Oh yeah? Gee whiz…I’m not afraid of the IRS. Oh my gosh! I must be rarity of an exception. But I’ll tell you, if some yokels got on the phone and told me to transfer money to them at a CVS or 7/11 store, they’d probably hang up on me after a few minutes of listening to my hysterical laughter? This story is like a bad joke that one can only laugh at because of how ludicrous it is.

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