Monsey: Man Being Mugged At Gunpoint Saved By Chaveirim


A Monsey man was attacked by muggers Sunday night as he returned home from Maariv only to be saved by the timely intervention of Chaverim.

During a walk home from shul following Maariv, two men, armed with a knife and pistol, threw the victim to the ground and demanded he hand over his money. The two assailants threatened to shoot the man if he did not comply.

As the man shouted for help, however, neighbors alerted police, and members of the Chaverim went out to assist the victim.

The two suspects fled the scene, running into a nearby forest. When police arrived, Chaverim volunteers assisted officers in locating the suspects, who were arrested and transferred for questioning.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.




  1. But I am happy that the FBI is keeping us safe. Real safe. Keep going after Trump and those Russians. By putting all their resources into bringing down President Trump, taxpayers in Rockland County are feeling safe.

    • Absolutely. It really is the job of the FBI to keep Monsey safe from muggers. How dare they take their agents out of Monsey and send them to investigate Trump!

      • Dear Charvona, while you may be right about local crimes not being in pervue of the FBI, however the overall politicization of law enforcement under Obama, where Holder would force the local police departments into racially dictated go-easy-on-criminals policies, has caused numerous violent criminals on the streets. So the same Obama deep state infiltration has caused both the Trump “investigation” and local crimes spike. Besides, gang crime should be dealt with by the FBI.

  2. “As the man shouted for help, however, neighbors ALTERED (sic) police…”
    Altered? How do you alter the police? Purim is Thursday. Isn’t Monday a little early to be a bissel ad d’lo yada?


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