Monsey: Are You “in the “Parsha?” Is Your Child?


shidduchimMonsey, NY – Do you need some guidance navigating this system?   Many singles who are in the parsha have been dating and dating, yet still feel like they are meeting the wrong people or have no clarity as to what they really need in a spouse.  For parents of these singles, the parsha is even more difficult.  The parents are supposed to be guiding their children and more often then not, they have no idea how to and need guidance themselves.

For the first time the Monsey community is being given the opportunity to get guidance and advice from leading experts in shidduchim who will give informative insights into the shidduch process leading to the ultimate end goal of a happy, healthy marriage.  This Motzei Shabbos, January 14th at 8:00 pm at Ateres Charna, Chani Juravel will be speaking about “Growing to the Process on Your Way to the Outcome,”  Chani Ziskind will be speaking about “the ABCs of Dating – How to Make the Most of Your Dates,” Shaya Ostrov will be speaking about “Menuchas Hanefesh in Cherishing Our Most Cherished Relationships,” and Ahuva Cherns will give “Practical Tips on How to Succeed in Today’s Dating World.”  Mrs. LH Mandelbaum will be available, as will most of the other speakers, to meet individually with people after the program.

All women and single girls are invited to attend.  Admission is $18 and all proceeds will go directly to Chesed 24/7.  A recorded CD of the presentation will be available for purchase.  For more information or to purchase the CD, please contact D’vora Adler at 845-354-3233 x118.

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